Best Wedding Venues In Buenos Aires Near Me

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1. Casa de la Villa

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326 reviews
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Casa de la Villa

Address: Gualeguaychú 4104, B1419 Buenos Aires, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Telephone: +54 11 4501-7846

Business type: Wedding venue

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Casa de la Villa: what do users think?

Corita Marco: Bellisimo

Violeta Tortoriello: Very pretty place. Old house with precious sizes. The ballroom is not very spacious. Friendly and dedicated staff. The impeccable ornamentation. Excellent service.

Carolina Villa: The beautiful place, everything impeccable. Good catering and very good staff attention too. Keep in mind that it is not easy to find a parking space.

Megu MEV: Very nice place the truth to do an event is recommended. Very good location super comfortable. excellent food dessert too. The very good DJ made people dance all the time. The best to keep people super entertained. It has an elevator and stairs. The bathroom is in the basement. super dangerous with a few drinks more. everything very beautiful

Nora Guercio: Very good attention, delicious food, the space is beautiful. The music should be a little softer. All excellent.

Carolina Victoria Arancón: All perfect! Beautiful place, great food and excellent service. Super recommended! Thank you very much
Response: Thank you very much Carolina, we hope to see you again soon

Tamara Rienzi: A beautiful place, especially to get married. The catering for the event was top quality, the service was excellent. Really recommended.
Response: Thank you so much Tamara

CARLOS PACINI: I am a seller and I compare myself with every person who wants to sell me something. I would put another vibe on it, I would explain everything so that people leave without a doubt but each one has their style. The living room is very beautiful. The reception is on the ground floor and the lounge on the first floor. The bathrooms are in the basement, which makes it a bit difficult for older people.

Diego Lopez: Beautiful hall in the heart of Devoto,

2. LC Lowlands Club

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620 reviews
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LC Lowlands Club

Address: DCI, Blanco Encalada 1201, C1428 C1428DCI, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: +54 11 4311-7001

Business type: Event venue

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LC Lowlands Club: what do users think?

Paulina D'Epiro: Bellisimo

Euge Otero: Lovely place.

Jorge Ferrari: A place with history, an old tannery converted into a private club and later into an events room. Beautiful park, places from another era and various collection vehicles.

Juan Carlos Gancitano: Very good attention from the staff, first-class cuisine, a good bar for drinks. is to recommend

Javier “El caminante nocturno” Fulgues: Beautiful place to hold all kinds of events very nice

Gabriela Caplan: Beautiful place. Very beautiful and very good service

Monica Melendez: I attended an event. Very interesting place, goes back to other times, pleasant atmosphere and a beautiful park.

Guillermo Robledo: I was surprised, beautiful place. Sensational setting and beautiful park

Jimena Gatti: Beautiful place for celebrations. Set in an old style, it has a great green space

3. YACHT Club Puerto Madero

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3986 reviews
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YACHT Club Puerto Madero

Address: Victoria Ocampo 100, C1107 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM

Telephone: +54 11 4313-8008

Business type: Function room facility

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YACHT Club Puerto Madero: what do users think?

John Casas: Beautiful area in heart of amazing Buenos Aires. Lots of restaurants, nice river walk.
Response: Hello John, thank you for rating us! We appreciate your review! ⛵⛵

Ro O: Great place to spend some time walking, rollerblading or having a drink with an extraordinary view of the river
Response: Hello Roxana! Thank you for rating us ! ⛵⛵

fabian tenente: Nice spot for rowing and paddle.You can rent a boat for rowing , I paid 500 pesos, nice and smart staff
Response: Hello Fabián! Thank you for rating us, we appreciate your comments!

Kieran: Beautiful area by day or night.
Response: Hi Kieran! Thank you very much for your rating and comment! ⛵⛵

Gio Moreno: We have a very good time with my couple exploring Puerto Madero in kayak and was very amazing...
Response: Thanks for your rating and comment!

Wilmer Montes: Very nice place and ambience
Response: Hi Wilmer! Thank you very much for rating us! ⛵⛵

Augusto Bublath: The staff was really warm and helpful. They also offer rowing lessons if you are up to it. The only downside was all the trash floating mover the water around the establishment.

David Wright: I had a wonderful night attending a wedding here. Food was great, the view is fantastic, and the staff made the evening memorable.
Response: Hello David! Thank you for rating us, we appreciate your comments! ⛵⛵

4. Brisas del Plata

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599 reviews
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Brisas del Plata

Address: ACC, Av. Dr. Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1353, C1107 CABA, Argentina

Telephone: +54 11 4313-1056

Business type: Wedding venue

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Brisas del Plata: what do users think?

Perfumeria Eice: Qlindo

Api MeDicen: A good place for tourists

Eudes Figueroa: Spectacular place and views

G: Interesting

Laura Di Virgilio: Incredible place, attention, catering and spectacular DJ. Yesterday we celebrated my birthday and all my guests were delighted. Lore (maitre) a ten highly attentive to all details. Highly recommended.


Mariana Paredes: I loved the salon! It has many spaces to use, outdoors and indoors. It is very functional! Beautiful gardens and very well decorated. Very comfortable!

5. Hotel Faena - Salon The Ballroom

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14 reviews
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Hotel Faena - Salon The Ballroom

Address: Petrona Eyle 430, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Telephone: +54 11 4010-9000

Business type: Wedding venue

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Hotel Faena - Salon The Ballroom: what do users think?

Daniel Fernandez: Good place for a party with few people

Gerald Rubio: Beautiful halls for receptions and corporate

Beatriz Mendez: the best in the world

nanoconte: Great

Santiago Caballero: Why football is played so well on the excellent fields

Hernan: It is a luxury hotel very well arranged are very attentive and polite

Veronica Garcia (Vero): Warmth and excellent attention.

Carlos Ernesto Mykitka Wood: great

6. Arpilar Weddings

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17 reviews
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Arpilar Weddings

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +54 11 3204-8300

Business type: Wedding service

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Arpilar Weddings: what do users think?

Andrea L. de la Fuente: The truth is that 5/5 were attentive to us, they respected what we wanted, we did not have any problems and the things that arose at the party were solved well. I recommend

Camila Carnevale: ALL PERFECT! Some geniusessss!!!!! We got Gime from wedding planner and she is a genius and a love!!

Iñaki Gonzalez Arnejo: The best company to organize your event. Marriages, Anniversaries, and Corporate Events. I have been to at least 10 events that they organize in their rooms: Finca Madero, El Tata, Santa Lucia and Bahia W. Things are always super professional. Best of all: THE problem is SOLVED. I am a man and when you organize an event you do not want to be dealing with a thousand suppliers, they in one place solve everything and with the best suppliers. In a few meetings you have the best price / quality party.

Maria Esquivel: The best! I got married at Estancia Santa Lucía and it was a great luxury. They take care of everything, they have a lot of experience and always with the best vibes (and they are not expensive at all compared to options of the same quality)

Leonor Tejerina: The best thing about ArPilar is that it is a comprehensive organization... they take care of everything!!! You can rest in them because they know a lot about weddings and they understand and attend to each client and their needs perfectly!

Diego Herrero: Arpilar Weddings has the best options for your wedding party. All the services you need in one place.


7. Lo De Argento

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258 reviews
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Lo De Argento

Address: Dr. A. Carbone 3975, B1676 Santos Lugares, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Tue

Business type: Wedding venue

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Lo De Argento: what do users think?

Gaston Le Rose: Nice room for parties, comfortable, has a patio with barbecue and grill, highly recommended
Response: We are glad for the good experience, we hope to see you again! Cheers

Jonatan David Barrozo: Ideal to spend with friends and family, it is reserved. With a lot of garden, nearby, accessible by Urquiza train. The meat of the hamburgers are large and of high quality.

Sabrina Tomassini: We celebrated the baptism and first year of my daughter. Everything impeccable from start to finish. We will choose them 1 and 1000 more times! Total thanks!
Response: Thanks to you. And we wait for you again!! Happy Holidays!

Fabian Somoza: Beautiful room and park to enjoy outdoors, very good service, meters from the FCGU Lourdes station.
Response: Thank you for your comments. We are waiting for you again

Fabian Dolo: Beautiful place for events and very good attention.
Response: Thank you very much! We are waiting for you again!!!

Noelia Lopez: Very pretty place. With closed part and another outdoor excellent attention.

Vanesa Rodríguez: Very nice place, nice atmosphere but the one who opens the door quite disrespectful!

Silvina florido: Excellent service! I went to several events and everything was always impeccable

Liliana Heredia: Nice outdoor place very good attention

8. Espacio Lalique

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74 reviews
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Espacio Lalique

Address: Muñiz 178, C1212 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +54 11 6724-3654

Business type: Wedding venue

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Espacio Lalique: what do users think?

NOELIA NUÑEZ: The place is very nice, but a bit small, the tables are quite close together. Service is good, although it could improve. What is most annoying is that the room was not delivered on time and that delayed a lot. We went at the time we agreed with the person in charge, but we had to wait outside for 20 minutes. The final payment method is cash only. (And just in case I clarify that I will not delete my comment).
Response: Thank you for leaving us your opinion, it is very important for us, in order to improve. We also clarify that: the dimensions of the room on the day of your event, were the same as the day you came to sign, the same happens with the distribution of the tables. On the other hand, the room is set up for parents and honorees 20 minutes before the start of the party to ensure that it is clean and in the same condition as you found it; We always clarify that, surely anxiety caused them to show up almost an hour before. We appreciate your contributions again, we will take them into account, greetings

María Fernanda Rossi: Beautiful room, I was a guest at a baptism and excellent attention from waitresses. Always attentive to each table. Everything very clean. highly recommended
Response: thank you very much

FLAVIA NUÑEZ: Very nice place! But I was disappointed! I went to celebrate the birthday of my one-year-old son and they gave me the room outside the scheduled time, I was late with all the assembly of the ornamentation. I was struck by the cheekiness with which they kept the leftover food, if they needed to feed the waiters and employees who add to the budget, I was embarrassed. As for the means of payment, they remained in prehistory, the final balance, which is the largest amount only in cash, they should place more emphasis on that so that one is prepared, who walks around the city with cash today, seems very outdated to me. I do not recommend them, I hope they improve !!
Response: hello thanks for your comment, the schedules are always stipulated in advance so it can happen that customers misunderstand or it can also happen that we are 5 minutes late since we want our customers and guests to find the space in optimal conditions when entering In any case, and from afar, the salon keeps nothing left over, the employees have strict order and know that they cannot touch anything and of course return all leftover lonqie to our customers, regarding payment methods We always clarify payment methods and cancellations at the time of finding out, if the methods we use are not the ones that suit you, you could also have consulted... We also appreciate your comment... and we appreciate if you ask to delete it in case you want... Thanks a lot

9. Darwin Studios

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356 reviews
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Darwin Studios

Address: Cnel, Cnel. Niceto Vega 5350, 1414 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Wedding venue

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Darwin Studios: what do users think?

Bryan Alan: Evento Jackie Smith

Mariana Berrittella: Ok place for corporate parties

Englishloops: Cool

M B: Excellent dance floor and reception. comfortable bathrooms

Rafael Quintana: Very good place for events

Yesica D Atri: Ideal place to hold events, it has an outdoor patio, super nice.

Gabriela Salomom: Beautiful venue for events. Congratulations 👏

Cecilia Bordenabe: Beautiful meeting, celebrating 50 years of the AAHITC. The spacious room, beautiful setting.

10. Gloria's De Alsina- Salon Con Piscina

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23 reviews
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Gloria's De Alsina- Salon Con Piscina

Address: Republica Argentina 2134, B1822 Valentín Alsina, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

Telephone: +54 11 6443-2630

Business type: Event venue

Near Gloria's De Alsina- Salon Con Piscina:

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Gloria's De Alsina- Salon Con Piscina: what do users think?

Patricia Pohl: Beautiful hall !! Very comfortable ... everything perfect !!! Thanks Dani and Shay for the attention !!!
Response: It was our pleasure. Hugs

Sandra Morales: The place is very comfortable and cozy. We feel at home. Thank you very much.

Andrés Caputo: On Sunday 02/13 we celebrated the Baptism and the year of my son. Excellent attention and predisposition from Shay and Daniel. The very comfortable living room and a beautiful pool to enjoy next to the green grass. Thanks for everything !!
Response: Hi Andrés, I'm glad we were able to reschedule your event for that Sunday. We enjoyed having you all here. Until the next! Hugs Shay and Daniel

laura ardanaz: A beautiful and warm place, with a pool, green and close to home. You can not ask for more!! They received us very lovingly. We are sure that we will return soon. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Response: Hopefully see you very soon. Thanks and hugs to all Shay and Daniel

Ximena Cores: We celebrate Saturday! We really loved it! Always attentive in case we needed something And the living room is a dream. Very well set up and decorated. We had an incredible day! The guests fascinated with the hall!
Response: We also enjoyed Nilda's surprise 65th birthday. The mini pizza and homemade desserts were delicious. The plant you left behind will be planted for memories. Thank you all. Shay and Daniel

Ana: A magical place. It is worth noting the excellent care of Dani and Shay. The super spacious and comfortable room, the park looks like something out of a fairy tale. 100% recommendable. Thank you! Lautaro and Ana.
Response: It was our pleasure. Hugs Shay and Dani

Mariana Mazzucchelli: We had a surprise birthday day, divine attention, beautiful place, pool and tranquility, you are in the middle of the city with incredible peace! I highly recommend them.
Response: Thank you for choosing us. You planned a nice surprise for your boyfriend. Salty Daniel and Shay

Mariana De Fazio: Beautiful place!! Thank you very much for everything ... Luckily the weather was good to enjoy the green and the pool ... Everything is very beautiful ... Thank you
Response: Hello Mariana, Thank you for choosing us. until next time!. hugs 🤗

ignacio Bravo Santamria: Beautiful place, excellent attention and a lot of good vibes from the owners! 100% recommended!
Response: Thank you for choosing us. We hope to see you again. Hugs


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40 reviews
new review

Address: Av. del Libertador 7501, C1429 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

Telephone: +54 11 5133-5733

Business type: Wedding venue


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DISTRITO CIUDAD: what do users think?

Barbara Serena: Excellent attention from your staff and a very nice room. Although it could be better taken care of. Especially the terrace. Terrible catering from start to finish. Very very loose. The bar was fine.
Response: Barbara, we are sorry about your bad experience with the gastronomy of the event. We have our own providers and contracted external providers, from now on, we review each service and its results, in order to improve and provide better experiences in the future. Regards !

leonel litvak: Terrible accessibility if it rains you get soaked you have 100 meters from the parking lot if you are lucky enough to put it in... the rest is very nice it would need more cleaning during the event.
Response: Leonel, thank you for your review. As we are inside the Club Ciudad, the parking lot belongs to the Club, which benefits the guests as they can leave the car in the internal parking lot, it is also used by the Club for its members and events, so some specific dates can be filled (this depends on dates and times, it is not usual) as it is a parking lot for more than 300 cars, its distance from the hall is noticeable. Regarding cleaning, the cleaning staff is available during the event in bathrooms and in the hall, but we will review this point in order to improve it. Cheers !

Daniel Corbella: The room is comfortable to hold an event for at least 400 people, otherwise the place is too big and empty
Response: Daniel, thank you very much for your assessment. In the case of social events we hold parties from 150 people since we have a curtain system that allows sectioning the room, avoiding empty spaces and providing versatility for all types of events, this is usually seen with the client when they tell us what type of party want to perform. Have an excellent week ! 🎉🙂

Filomena Alejandra Andreis: Excellent for celebrations with a lot of people... there is very good ventilation
Response: Thank you very much for your evaluation 😊

Marcela Díaz Tejeda: I went for a 15th birthday. The setting and reception are very nice.
Response: Thanks for your comments Marcela!

Andres Acosta: Excellent room for events
Response: Thanks for your comments, Andrew!

Javier Martinez: I like it, very nice place!!!
Response: Thank you very much Xavier 😊

Silvana M.: Beautiful place!! Both the outdoor area and the divine lounge! very good organization .. no doubt to recommend
Response: Thank you very much Silvana!

Carlos Alberto Zimerman: Good room, recommend
Response: Thank you very much for your evaluation, Carlos! 🙂

12. Del Carril Eventos

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91 reviews
new review
Del Carril Eventos

Address: Av. Salvador María del Carril 2638, C1419GZS CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +54 11 4574-5034

Business type: Wedding venue

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Del Carril Eventos: what do users think?

German Simon Reguera: A beautiful room, the best service, very hygienic and clean, everything well treated, a room to spend a party in the best way

Dany Kalifornia: Very nice place, excellent attention, good service.

Guadalupe Gonzalez Irazabal: Excellent! From the first appointment to see the room until the end of the party, the attention was very good. The food abundant and very varied. My mom was super satisfied with the celiac option that they offered her since very few places attend to this need, so it is something that we really value in our family. I loved the DJ and the decoration. My guests and I were delighted!

Carla Faroldi: There are so many good things to say! First, the room is beautiful, comfortable. The area is fantastic and quiet. The setting was excellent, every detail more precious than the previous one. Deluxe. A dream night The guests still send me comments about how much they liked the room, weeks after the party. The catering and the DJ, great! All rich, all abundant, all fun. We were a little afraid that the DJ did not pay us much attention in terms of specific moments we wanted to have at the party, but no, he understood and did everything we asked him in a way that was a success! And I leave for the last, the best: them. Those who run the room. Those who organize everything and make such a beautiful night possible. Not only are they excellent professionals, they are good people. Warm and with good vibes. They listened to us and helped with every detail. They are in everything, they understand everything. We are infinitely grateful for the eternal patience they had for us, and the good service they gave us. I recommend them infinitely. We are already thinking about what upcoming celebration we can celebrate in the classroom!

alicia sardi: Beautiful place and excellent attention! They are in all the details, and they provide you with everything you need to make your event dream, from the setting, the warm attention, the food and the photography service! I recommend 100%

13. Fabulous Weddings

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34 reviews
new review
Fabulous Weddings

Address: Humboldt 1934, C1414 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Wedding planner

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Fabulous Weddings: what do users think?

sonny cruz: Words cannot express our gratitude for Leti and her marvelous staff. Our wedding was a magical and perfect moment thanks to them. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to work with them. Fab Weddings are the best! Thanks to the Fab family extraordinary team from Jordana and her wonderful welcome to Buenos Aires, Julian for his incredible pictures and excellent tour around the city, Enrique for the most amazing taxi rides and suggestions, Mariela for the most exciting adventure and romantic honeymoon in Iguazú, Silvana for the beautiful detail of our boutonnieres on our wedding day. We will always be grateful for your dedication above and beyond our expectations. We were very fortunate to have you as our wedding planners.Thank you for everything!!! José and Luis
Response: What beautiful words José and Luis have dedicated to us ❤ we are truly more than grateful for having made our work something wonderful as it was to accompany them in every step to reach the big day. They have infected us with the joy they have brought and definitely the humor and love they have for each other will make them invincible. We are waiting for you whenever you decide to come back! May they be very happy always! With love, Leti and Jor

Yo Contra el mundo: We were so happy to have hired Leti as our wedding planner and now blessed to call her a friend. We are from the US and Venezuela so we decided to marry in Buenos Aries due to Argentina’s very open and efficient wedding laws. Leti has options for her fees and while we at first thought it was high we quickly realized how much she saved us with all of the vendors and will forever be grateful for her relentless work at the courthouse to be sure our paperwork was processed timely. That time she was more like a lawyer than a planner. In hindsight, we probably should have taken her all inclusive package. The city was as beautiful as its people. The French influence can been seen in the architecture and the Spanish influence in the people. The prices for hotels, taxis, good food, and good wine were very, very reasonable. After our wedding we flew to Patagonia. It was breathtaking and should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you want someone who will be on top of every detail, communicate with you regularly, listen to your ideas, execute a flawless wedding day, all in an amazing country, then Leti is for you!
Response: Dearest John and Jesus, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and also for the recommendations on traveling throughout Argentina! It should be highlighted that you had a FABULOUS BACHELOR PARTY, WEDDING AND HONEYMOON in just ONE TRIP! Was such an honor to be a part of it all and am blessed that we still have a beautiful relationship after all these years. You are an INSPIRATION to all of those couples want to get married and live together in the USA with the CR1 Visa. We often think and speak of both of you and your achievements as well as beautiful love story! Keep those fun videos happening on Instagram, we love to follow your whereabouts. Thank you again for your lovely review!

James Raines: First, a huge thank you to Leti, Jordana and the rest of the FAB team for a truly unforgettable wedding and honeymoon in Buenos Aires. You made our experience the best that we have ever had. Rarely have I used the word “magical” to describe a life experience, but in this case, I think magical describes our experience with Leti. With FAB Weddings, you realize immediately that you are not dealing with just a “company”. You are developing a lasting relationship with a dedicated, supportive and loving team of individuals who are passionate about their work. And it’s a relationship that will last long after you leave Argentina and head back home. I consider them friends. Laetitia (or “Leti”) the Director of FAB is a truly wonderful, loving and special person. When you meet her, you can’t help but fall in love with her. Her enthusiasm and positive energy are rare. Had it not been for Leti and Jordana at FAB Weddings, I would have given up on this journey early on. It was only because of the Fab Team’s unrelenting support and encouragement that my fiancé and I are married today. My fiancé and I chose the “Love Done Simply” package. It was perfect for us as we wanted something small for just the two of us. We needed help with the legal paperwork. But the Love Done Simply Package is so much more. From the beginning, Leti spent so much time with Krish’s visa. Numerous times she called and emailed the Argentine embassy in New Delhi, moving the process forward and solving problems with our paperwork. Oftentimes, because of the time difference, she had to wake up at 2 or 3am in Buenos Aires so she could talk to the Delhi embassy during their office hours. She got the job done and we couldn’t have gotten his visa without her. Once we arrived in Buenos Aires, Leti was there for us, keeping in contact every day and importantly, keeping us on schedule doing the legal work at the civil registry. But she did so much more than handled the legal work. Early in the week, she went with us to shop for suits to wear for our small wedding. She saved us a lot of money buying suits. Leti led us to some really nice stores with some modern and very attractive suits that we could purchase outright at a cost less than the price of renting tuxedos. My suit was truly the nicest looking suit I’ve ever owned! And she also left us with a full itinerary of some of the most fun and interesting sights to visit in Buenos Aires. I did also want to mention that one day while she accompanied us shopping and sight-seeing, Krish happened to express some interest in visiting the Iguazú Falls, which is about a two-hour plane flight from Buenos Aires. Say no more. In less than an hour, Leti had our flights booked and reservations made. All we had to do was be at the airport the next day. I have to say this was the highlight of our trip. I would be remiss if I failed to mention Pilar, a “Personal Shopper” and a valuable team member as well. I was a bit skeptical of the term “Personal Shopper”, but gentleman, let me suggest that you ask for Pilar to help you shop for clothes. Aside from her talent in finding the “perfectly fitting” clothes, she is also one of the most fun people to meet in Buenos Aires. She is completely familiar with the partying nightlife in Buenos Aires. She invited us to a party at a club in Palermo and we met some really great people. So, if I didn’t say it then, I want to thank you Pilar for making our time in Buenos Aires so enjoyable. If anyone is reading this testimonial, you have my word that everything I say here is absolutely true, and I could go on and on about Leti, Fab Weddings and the entire team. I recommend their services with no reservations. If you are still trying to decide which wedding planners to use for your wedding, for me there is no other choice except Fab Weddings. And please if you wish to speak to me by phone or email, Leti has both my number and address, so feel free to contact me. Thanks Leti, Jordana, Pilar and the rest of your team for an experience that I will never forget.
Response: From the moment you called us James, we already knew just how special your relationship with Krish was. You had endured so many hardships and obstacles to be together, not to mention the long-distance and time difference that separated the two of you. It was such an HONOR and pleasure to help the both of you throughout it all. It is the couples like YOU that make us proud of what we do and inspire us to stay strong, give us courage and never give up. From the Visa process and all the bureaucracy involved, to the fun-filled activities, traveling and wedding details, we enjoyed every minute of the planning and coordination. Krish brought us special treats all the way from India that we will never forget! You trusted in us and let us shine through. You are an example to ALL couples that LOVE WINS and CONQUERS ALL and when things are meant to be, they will be (with the right people supporting you). Thank you for confiding in us 100% and for all of your love and support. Your messages over the years mean the world to us and we appreciate hearing from you always. Thank you for your kindness, your beautiful feedback and for most of all, being part of our Fab Family. Here is to You and Krish... and to our next reunion in Argentina :)

Dante Madrigal: We absolutely love going to Argentina and have the best time of our lives every time we travel there. When we were visiting Buenos Aires, we were invited to a local wedding and had an absolute BLAST! It was an all nighter and one of those parties we never wanted to end. Leti and her team were rad and the food was incredible. The Fab staff’s amazing vibe left such a good impression on us that now we are planning on returning and having a wedding of our own there. Take me back!
Response: Thank you Dante for your beautiful message! You guys were so much fun and definitely added so much laughter and "spice" to the party! Would be a dream come true to plan your wedding in BA as well... we can guarantee that it will be another all nighter :) All the best for you two and we will keep in touch always!!

Julie Tropin: Leti Orsetti, the owner of Fabulous Weddings, was the miracle we needed to get married in Buenos Aires! From the moment we first contacted her for help she has gone above and beyond for us in every way. She knows everything there is to know about getting married in Buenos Aires, has loads of connections all over the city (service providers, hotels, restaurants, you name it), and possesses an infectious enthusiasm for life and love that makes every moment feel special. My husband (!) and I met 7 years ago in Buenos Aires as exchange students. Falling in love in the city that Spring left its mark on us in a way that no experience could ever top. As we began to plan our wedding this year we quickly began to realize that the “traditional” route just wasn’t what either of us thought about when we imagined our perfect wedding. So, we decided we would go back to the place where it all started, revisit all of our favorite old haunts, and say “si, quiero” in the city where we fell in love. For foreigners hoping to get married in another country, it can feel very scary and make you feel vulnerable to trust a complete stranger with one of the most important days of your life. But I can assure you that if you work with Leti you will be in the best of hands! Not sure what you need to do to get married in Argentina? Ask Leti. Don’t know where to stay while you’re there? Ask Leti. Want to have your hair and make-up done on the day of your wedding even though you’re eloping? ASK LETI! She is proactive, prompt, and intuitive, often predicting what couples will need before they can even ask. Because of this, my husband and I were able to have the trip of a lifetime together and not a single moment of stress.
Response: What a FABULOUS review! Thank you so much Julie for such joy and happiness. Accompanying you and Andy was such a delight. Not only were you the coolest Texans around, it was so beautiful witnessing so much love (and romance) between two people in every moment. The look in Andy's eyes when looking at you is equal to none. We loved every single part of it... and if there is any possibility of Anniversary Party in Buenos Aires... let's absolutely do it!! All our love, Leti & Co. ♡

14. Puerto Salguero

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920 reviews
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Puerto Salguero

Address: Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado 1221, C1425 CABA, Argentina

Business type: Wedding venue

Near Puerto Salguero:

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Puerto Salguero: what do users think?

Yehoshua Forma: They now (beginning of 2019) have a more budget-accessible proposal for weddings and events.


Rocio Acebal: Divine!!

Esteban Igarzabal: Mediocre

Dan Lee: OK


Fede Z: The truth is that the room and the catering service were excellent; but the attention of all the staff is to highlight; very helpful and attentive to everything that we, the hosts, but also the guests, needed; we were highly satisfied with the event 2 weeks ago. I want to highlight Antonella who was in all the details of the coordination and for her cordial treatment.

andrea salome gineste: Good party venue with plenty of parking, easy access, good catering and the OMG photo booth is great

Floreria Amambay: Very nice place to have parties, I made flower arrangements for an event

15. Remolacha Eventos

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123 reviews
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Remolacha Eventos

Address: Estados Unidos 1110, B1602 Florida Oeste, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Telephone: +54 11 6445-1287

Business type: Wedding venue

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Remolacha Eventos: what do users think?

Bea A: So cute. Affordable price. loving owners

Marcos Godoy: Nice place has a great time, very good attention!
Response: Thanks for the good vibes Mark.!!

Alfonso Gustavo: Very nice place

Nicolás Simoncini: Excellent attention and attention to detail. Although the room is small, it covers all the needs for a party of no more than 40 people. The food (generally finger-food) is excellent and they have constant service (minimum 2 waitresses). Finally, the price is perfectly balanced with the quality of the general service.
Response: Thanks Nico!

Diego Martin: Nice place. The attention is very good and the music too. I recommend it
Response: Thanks Diego.!!

Brenda Sartori: I did my engagement party. Everyone was delighted with the place and the attention received. The space is very small, 40 comfortable people enter. Beautiful place. It is just like the photos! Excellent attention.
Response: Thanks Brenda! Congratulations to both!

Norberto Franco show: Wonderful place located in Florida...warm attention...very good catering and photography.... very well decorated.....ideal for a relaxed event....I was there several times and I was pleasantly surprised... do not doubt that your party will be wonderful in beetroot events They comply with the current protocol!!!
Response: Thanks Norbert!! We are waiting for you soon!! Thanks for your good vibes.!!!!!!!!

Maximiliano Vega: The place is not that big, 50 people fit comfortably. But it is beautiful, an excellent and impeccable lighting fixture. It is as seen in the photos, highly recommended
Response: Thanks for your comments Maxi!

Ana Miguez: Excellent atmosphere and attention. Highly recommended!

Are you looking for the perfect wedding venue in Buenos Aires? Look no further! Buenos Aires is home to some of the most beautiful and unique wedding venues in the world. From traditional churches to modern art galleries, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a romantic garden setting or a luxurious ballroom, Buenos Aires has it all.

For a truly unique experience, consider a wedding at one of the city’s many historical sites. The Teatro Colón, the Palacio Barolo, and the Casa Rosada are all popular choices for couples looking for a classic and elegant atmosphere. For a more modern feel, consider one of the city’s many art galleries or museums. The MALBA, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano, and the Museo de Arte Moderno are all great options for couples looking for a contemporary setting.

For a more intimate setting, consider one of the city’s many private venues. From private gardens to luxurious hotels, there are plenty of options for couples looking for a more intimate atmosphere. The Four Seasons Hotel, the Park Hyatt, and the Alvear Palace Hotel are all popular choices for couples looking for a luxurious and romantic setting.

No matter what type of wedding venue you are looking for, Buenos Aires has something for everyone. With its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and unique venues, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to celebrate your special day. Thanks to the research work of Adrián Zapata and many other local guides from Buenos Aires, For Buenos Aires Lovers can help you find the perfect wedding venue for your special day.

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