Best Crossfit Gyms In Buenos Aires Near Me

Crossfit Fortia ROTOR CROSSFIT Kasten Training Chronos Crossfit CROSSFIT IL MOSTRO BIGG Stigma CrossFit. ATROX Fitness Club

1. Crossfit Fortia - Belgrano

路 133 reviews

Monroe 2951, C1428BLW CABA, Argentina

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Crossfit Fortia: what do users think?

Mat铆as Ribecky: Great atmosphere, the coaches are very active during the wod, and push you to go beyond your limits.

Claudio Capdevila: The classes are very good, the teachers excellent, what he lacks are some materials, such as dumbbells.

D茅bora: Excellent teachers, long hours, good price. In my case, I started CrossFit from scratch and they teach me the exercises from the basics and increase the difficulty little by little. It is the 4th month that I go and I see a lot of progress. It is very well equipped for both crossfit and functional and cardio. A very pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Federico Manuelli: Excellent box!! I started in the middle of the pandemic, at the beginning classes by zoom, then classes in the square until they enabled the opening of gyms and we were able to return to the box, the teachers are all very cool, they take all their time to explain the exercises and that you do them correctly. The group of 19 and 20 hours the best companions! Very good vibes and a very good atmosphere. The truth is that it is very enjoyable to train like this. Well, with good vibes, and good people!!! Keep it up!

luz luques: The best place to train.

Lucia Canaparo: Excellent box in all aspects! All coaches are geniuses! Dedicated and with good predisposition to correct the technique and continue learning! Wods are very dynamic and fun! Keep in that way !

2. ROTOR CROSSFIT - Balvanera



路 155 reviews

Av. Corrientes 2019, C1045AAC CABA, Argentina

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ROTOR CROSSFIT: what do users think?

B: Very welcoming box for a couple of visitors. Strongly recommend and know that you鈥檒l get a workout! Will be back.

nam sousa: Top

Carlos Ariel Alfonso: We got married with my wife, both of us quite overweight and the truth is that they take good care of us, I mean that we were afraid that it would harm us physically and they are very attentive and that is worth a lot. The first class was free, the classes were uneventful and every day one feels better, the truth is that I am very grateful to have chosen this place.

Luisma Arteaga: Excellent box, with the ideal number of athletes per class which makes the wod comfortable and always reach the tools that will be used, not to mention that the coaches are very attentive to the development of each of the participants.

Cristian B: Excellent place to train. The teachers are very attentive and you have a variety of schedules to choose from in case you work and are short of time.

Camilo Blanco: Good place to train with a free class, showers and good staff

Max Diaz: For me the best place to train, start and continue, climate of friendly guys and excellent coach of 100, administration of 100! No complaints, certainly everything is great, I have to highlight the kindness of everyone

Sabrina Ellauri obligado: Excellent attention recommended very good experience

Ramith S谩nchez rada: The best place to train 馃挭馃徎馃挭馃徎馃挭馃徎

3. Kasten Training - Palermo

路 125 reviews

Godoy Cruz 2037, C1414CYQ CABA, Argentina

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Kasten Training: what do users think?

脡verton Ros谩rio: Simple and effective.Missed few row and bike equipments.The box and people are awesome. They have an estimation rabbit that circles around while you are training.

Franch Pfeng: All the equipment you need for a good hard training. Great place!

Jos茅 Rafael Reimy Testa: Gran box

Tomas Lavin: Crossfit

Luis Danello: I gave little advance notice and yet they treated me very well and I was able to get a place for the class. The wood was good and the previous preparation was consistent with what we did. The box has everything you need to train, and the teacher is quite attentive in explaining the skill and wood. I hope to return.

David Rodr铆guez: Excellent place and environment to train crossfit!

David Rodriguez: Excellent place, clean, tidy, very good prices and the teachers are very attentive and professional giving classes.

Evelyn Schweiger: Well equipped box with changing rooms and showers, open space for free entry, the teachers take care of you and are always attentive, reasonable price and it is not necessary to pay for several months in advance.

Agust铆n Alejandro Esnal: Excellent Box! 10 points all, highly recommended

4. Chronos Crossfit - San Nicol谩s

路 47 reviews

Lavalle 542, C1047 AAL, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Address Website
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Chronos Crossfit: what do users think?

Alexander Lemus (Hosmalex): My experience on 07/21 was great, the teachers are very cool and the place is excellent, maybe the showers are not so much, but it is a good place.

Alejandro Paiz Meschler: Excellent box! It is well equipped (it has boxes, kettlebells from 6 to 24kg, bars of 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, small plates -0.5kg, 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, 2.5kg, 3kg- and large -5kg, 10kg , 15kg, 20kg-, 2 oars, 2 airbikes, jump ropes, 2 climbing ropes, structures, rings, abmats, mats, 3, 6 and 9kg balls, among other things) and the coaches are great. During the quarantine they offered classes by Zoom, 2 times a day. Today they hold 1 daily class by Zoom for those who continue to work from home. Also, on Saturdays there are OLY classes, which I have been going to for a few months and they allowed me to correct and improve many of the movements that I later use in Crossfit classes.

Marcelo Torres: Excellent place, good people and a lot of professionalism..

ricardo manzolido: Today I had my first class and the truth is that the facilities seemed great to me. Very well equipped. BUT ABOVE ALL THE GOOD WAVE OF THE PEOPLE AND THE COACH. I loved.

juan manuel Bayon: Excellent place!!! Teachers with very good vibes and eager to teach technique. Incredible atmosphere.

Miguel Yang: Good Box, good coach

Fernando A.N.: The best box in CABA


路 134 reviews

Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos 1257, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Address WhatsApp
CROSSFIT IL MOSTRO: what do users think?

Carina Vergara: Centro deportivo Weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossTraining y Fitness. Barracas

Ivhan Silva: Best of the best!

Con Toda Mi Alma: With all my Official Soul Events and Fashion! A Space that existed, was put on stand by and I only anticipate you: Hold on when we return !!!! Do you want to socialize? Do you want to have a drink? Do you want to have a snack with friends? Do you want to buy clothes? Do you want to buy something for your boy? Do you want to have a space where you can be yourself laugh, sing, dance, drink, shop, shout, jump, read, chat, savor, and feel comfortable? Well this space is designed for you !!! Wait for news! . For now, shop Nube, buy by insta, facebook, or come. Our space by appointment; when we are all vaccinated and the pandemic passes; GRANDEEEE when we return

Haydee Leonor Martinez: Very good place and the atmosphere is warm. The owner is an excellent person.

Mati Marquez: It is the best place to train seriously. The training is not only physical but also mental. The coach is a genius, she talks and explains why she really knows and you realize in the performance that you are acquiring during the training process. It is without a doubt the best Box.

Yefirson Arteaga: Excellent place to do powerlifting if you live in the capital, although now they can only train children and adolescents and unfortunately I do not belong to that age range so I was prohibited from continuing to train there. If you belong to that age range, see that the place is unbeatable.

leonardo berenstein: Excellent human and professional quality

ignacio zorzoli: I started doing olympic lifting a month ago and since I arrived I felt super included. The teacher is in the details, taking care of the technique and constantly correcting, something that in the sport I do is needed and much. The place is equipped with first class elements, nothing is missing. The atmosphere is very warm

Ignacio Narganes: Good atmosphere and good staff. The facilities can be a bit small at peak times, so I recommend checking the Google infographics about it to choose the classes, since although it has an attendance system, it does not tell you how many people are going to attend each class .

6. BIGG - Recoleta

路 273 reviews

Ayacucho 1240, C1113 CABA, Argentina

Address Website WhatsApp
BIGG: what do users think?

ALI ASH: Great place to workout! The place is spacious and the trainers are patient and knowledgeable!

Marco Ratto Olsen (Mark): One of those places where you can train hard and also have fun. Amazing amotaphere. Great people and very professional coaches. This Reebok crossfit box is a must for anyone who wants to train hard!!

Andi Perrone: Great place. Excelent for crossfit workouts. very organized and worth the money

Manuel: Nice Crossfit gym. Very organized and varied WODs.

STU W: Very friendly. I was only in town for 2 days and they treated me like a local!

Heath Donald: Awesome instructors , very helpful for English speaking clients

JorgeBenJor: Awesome Crossfit Box & great community

Osvaldo Sandoval: Amazing place to train and develop!

Jorge Rocha: 馃挭馃徏馃挭馃徏馃挭馃徏

7. Stigma CrossFit. - Flores

路 135 reviews

Rivadavia 7366, C1406 GMQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Address WhatsApp
Stigma CrossFit.: what do users think?

Rachel Ferrer: Excellent training place. All the comforts and not to mention the teachers, always attentive to teaching and caring for their students. I recommend it 100%

Gisela Barrionuevo: Excellent crossfit gym 馃挭馃徏

Camila Vegazo: This place is my second home, there is always a good vibe and good colleagues. The teachers are re professionals 馃槂

jhon alexander: the place is very good, the coaches are very dedicated, they are always waiting to correct your posture and technique. especially the coach yaqueline and andres

Lucas Dour: Great place to train good atmosphere. Tailored routines

William Olmos: The establishment and the teachers are excellent, the health measures they have before entering the gym are very good and the distance is respected...

Fabian Mazzei: A highly recommended place, good atmosphere and above all, a great class.

8. ATROX Fitness Club - Almagro

路 136 reviews

Av. Medrano 246, C1179 AAD, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Address WhatsApp
ATROX Fitness Club: what do users think?

Mariana Romero: Very nice place to train the teachers are super attentive and they change the routines

Astrid Jaime: Super recommended! They have a spacious and equipped place, neat bathrooms, various schedules, cool groups, qualified personnel. Hills!

Diana Aguilar: I loved!! I will be back on my next trip 10/10

Max Racer: Excellent place to train. Very complete and the teachers are super attentive, very cool!

dorali tobar: I love this place.... I recomend it

Mirian luparello: Excellent place. Very good people, they take care of every movement of the body. Highly recommended!! 馃憦

Richard Pi帽a: Very good classes, complete if you need help, instructor Jessi gives you a hand, she is waiting for you to do the movements as they correspond.

Juli Marti: Excellent class. The teachers are very friendly, beautiful place and the training is very complete.

Crossfit classes in Buenos Aires are becoming increasingly popular. This type of gym offers a unique workout experience that combines strength and conditioning exercises with a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Crossfit classes are designed to help people of all fitness levels reach their goals. The classes are led by experienced coaches who provide guidance and motivation to help participants reach their goals. The classes are designed to be challenging and fun, and they often include a variety of exercises such as weightlifting, running, and bodyweight exercises. Crossfit classes in Buenos Aires are a great way to get in shape and stay healthy. With the right attitude and dedication, anyone can benefit from the classes and reach their fitness goals.

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