Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Buenos Aires Near Me

1. Chila - Puerto Madero

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Address: Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1160, C1107AAT Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM Wed

Telephone: +54 11 4343-6067

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

Chila: what do users think?
Hans Simon
Hans Simon: What can I say about this place other than yes! It is absolutely amazing! From the time we walked in until we left we were swept off our feet, every dish was fun with with flavor combinations that you would not expect but worked magically together, getting to have a quick walkthrough to see the kitchen in action was unexpected but welcome. I decided to go with the wine pairing and was introduced to an amazonian mead that was unlike anything I had tasted before( I ended up taking a bottle with me). Give this place a try, add on the wine pairing. Enjoy the ride :)
SS Yap
SS Yap: Nice ambiance and we were surrounded by cool-helpful-young-bubbly staffs. Did wine pairing and had 7 different types of local wines to go with each dish.Food is unique with fun and unexpected flavours that tingles. Every dish is also very well presented.
Fawn Qiu
Fawn Qiu: Everything looked great but the menu items are a hit or miss. The duck we ordered was extremely tough and difficult to even eat. The raw catch appetizer had few shrimps and octopus that tasted a little funny, I don’t know if it had gone bad or just the type of seafood they selected, really does not go well raw. the steak and risotto were great but half of our dishes were bad. The cocktails were watery and nothing inventive, this was one of the most expensive places in BA and quite disappointing as I had more inventive dishes elsewhere.
Maarten van Vliet
Maarten van Vliet: Lovely experience at Chila, with an impressive wine pairing (especially considering the cost). Our evening also included an additional special dish which was not on the menu, and was served in the kitchen. Additional benefit that one can pay in USD cash at an attractive conversion rate.
Lydia C.
Lydia C.: What a beautiful dinner experience! The ambience in the restaurant is fantastic, dimmed lights, stylish interior. We were a bigger group of 8 and had the most incredible wooden table with integrated plants, absolutely stunning! The menu offered a broad and creative variety and as to be expected, they easily catered for dairy- and glutenfree. We tried plenty of dishes and everything was delicious. Our favorite was the octopus - incredibly tasty. Our waiter, Juan, and all the other staff did an awesome job in taking care of us. We enjoyed a lovely evening and can only highly recommend. Thank you
Yongbao Jerry Zhuang
Yongbao Jerry Zhuang: 噱头太多,华而不实. On a beautiful BA Saturday, we read through all the one star comments of Chila, which ranks high on several rankings. Based on scientific spirits, we tested for the robustness and reproducibility of these negative conclusions. We report that findings in previous literature are true. Cocktail tastes watery and exactly like “冰摇柠檬木槿花”or a Lyre nonalcoholic beverage. Bread basket: an incredibly salty bread knot came with “blue butter” that kept the flavor signatures during but not after fermentation. The end result smells like my anaerobic hood instead of blue cheese. Starters: Grilled leek. Our hometown is globally famous for Allium spp and we know well how to identify a well prepared leek. The cooking process produced a floppy texture that hid the good qualities of a nice leek. Furthermore, we found it shockingly funny that half of the roots are ripped off and half remained. Several flavor profiles on the plate stayed independent and such impressions were consistent in the following dishes too. Entrées: duck Margret: presented exactly like previous observations, rubbery, bland, and clearly demonstrated poor handling on doneness and gave me a painful digestive experience. Seafood porridge is ok, salty flavors slightly overwhelm seafood tastes and nothing special. Pre-dessert: sorbet and hibiscus/elderflower jelly. The jelly is topped by a strange and tasteless chamomile foam. Dessert: on par. Tea: random blend is thin and lacks layered texture and aftertaste . Great service, great plating, not so great food. In conclusion: innovation of non-necessity. One of the worse fine dining experience.
Hunter Stevens
Hunter Stevens: Seriously excellent—I’m not sure why there are 1 star reviews here. The dishes were inventive, balanced, and flawlessly executed with a delicious wine pairing. The service was thoughtful and not pretentious. If the Michelin guide came to BsAs this would be a 2 star at least. This is a must-stop when you’re in Argentina
Mohammed Elias
Mohammed Elias: Worth trying for people who enjoy tasting menus and unique experiences!

2. Aramburu Relais & Châteaux - Recoleta

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Aramburu Relais & Châteaux
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Address: Pasaje del Correo, Vicente López 1661, C1103ACY CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30PM Tue

Telephone: +54 11 4811-1414

Business type: Restaurant

Aramburu Relais & Châteaux: what do users think?
Steven Minor
Steven Minor: Amazing experience from beginning to the end. Every dish was well plated with playful presentations, service was impeccable and ambiance was just right. This restaurant would definitely get at least 2 Michelin stars if located in a Michelin rated country. One of the best meals of my life, definitely coming back! 18 courses with wine pairings for under $100 per person!
Jason Evans
Jason Evans: I had an incredible experience here! The food quality, presentation, and taste were all mind blowing. Every dish I had in the tasting menu was delicious. The service was also extremely warm and attentive and the environment in the restaurant was super sleek and modern. I absolutely love this restaurant and it’s my favorite in Buenos Aires. I highly recommend giving it a try. I’m excited to return here!
Alexandra Emtsova
Alexandra Emtsova: When Michelin guide finally makes it to Argentina, I guarantee Aramburu will make the list! Ambiance, service, taste, presentation and wine pairing is nothing but spectacular. We did 18 course menu with wine pairing and I have nothing but wow to say. If I could give them 6 stars I would. Thank you for such an unforgettable experience!
David Hall
David Hall: First time going to a 19 course tasting, overall it was a good experience. It took 3 1/2 hours and then an extra 30 or so minutes for drinks after and another 30 to get the check. You only choose from wine or nothing for drinks during the tasting menu. (Water was provided of course) Plate presentation and care put into it was quite spectacular. Very attentive staff and the ratios were close to 1 to 1. After dinner you go upstairs and finish with dessert. Cocktails at the end of the meal are NOT included so don’t assume. They did make a mocktail for me which was cool. 10% discount for paying in Arg peso at the end. The food journey wasn’t explained but 1/2 the dishes were quite nice. Wasn’t a fan of the others but I appreciated the work and creativity for small bites. My friend explained all the dishes were sourced locally but wasn’t confirmed or talked about by the restaurant.
akasha: Enjoyed their fabulous 18 course tasting menu plus wine pairing. Everything was absolutely decadent (including the sweetbreads). My favorite was the baby squid. Service was absolutely exquisite with English speaking staff. And oh my, the wine pours were so very generous. At times I had to cut myself off as they continued to pour. A highly recommended experience!
The Unexpected Employee
The Unexpected Employee: Wooow plus Woow!! once in a lifetime experience with creative flavors, excellent service and a beautiful setting. Our family of 3 enjoyed our two hour experience led under the capable service leadership of Leonardo, Chef Nahuel, David and Aramburu precision staff. High price and well worth it. Maybe I will make it more than once in a lifetime. If your really want to experience Argentina. Words by Michelin Star
Ben Chung
Ben Chung: Absolutely stunning dishes, delicious and unique. The service was phenomenal and this was our best dining experience in Buenos Aires! The 18 course tasting menu with wine pairing is a must if you’ve got the budget for this. There is a 10%discount if you pay in cash.

3. Mishiguene - Palermo

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Address: Lafinur 3368, C1425 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM

Telephone: +54 11 3969-0764

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

Mishiguene: what do users think?
Brent Timm
Brent Timm: Wow, what a lovely experience! The atmosphere and staff here was impeccable We loved the bread basket, and we each ordered a dish that was a mix of onions and Jewish ravioli. I would definitely come here again to try the rest of the menu. Kindly know that this is one of the more expensive restaurants in Argentina, but for good reason! They even gave us complimentary champagne for our anniversary. Can’t wait to come here again soon and try their famous pastrami.
D K: This place absolutely justifies its place on the Latam’s Top 50 Restaurant list. Never had food quite like it. The cuisine is Jewish-Argentinian, and the Jewish part clearly has some Slavic roots as well. We’ve tried the six course degustation with wine pairings (90 USD per person). The flavours are a mix of hummus, pickled, creamy, sour and something rather unique for South America. The amount of food was staggering, could barely walk after! A cocktail, sparkling water, course of six wonderful wines and a coffee after dessert.. I’d suggest preparing your stomach by fasting beforehand as this place can test your limits in the most gluttonous of ways.
Butterfly Stroke
Butterfly Stroke: What a restaurant! They did things I’ve never seen before… Wine pairing with tasting menu is definitely worth it. Service is top notch.
Chef Menajem Peretz
Chef Menajem Peretz: I was never able to have the time in my previous visit to buenos airea to visit Thai place, but keep looking and the my social media and reviews decided to try. The place is beautiful, making a online reservation was easier (try to call the restaurant not that much). Several time from the time of our reservation until we got our table, we got reminded of the 1.30 hour limit. With I feel was a bit to rush (having dinner in severals hight end restart in town, never being told a limit time for dinner) The food was both nicely presented. And perfectly crafted. They creations where just to die for. I really recommended this place as a different experience with with the classic ashkenaz jewish cuisine and the Israeli taste.
Hannah: We left feeling disappointed :( Expectations were high given the prices and their status as one of the top 50 restaurants. (24,000 pesos for 2 starters and 2 mains. NO alcohol or dessert). Bread basket was amazing (would have been better if the bread was served warm). Service was excellent at first. The baba ghanoush and pepper pure was good (very very heavy and rich which made my stomach upset). Our experience really took a turn when we were served our mains- my partner couldn’t cut through his lamb because it was so over cooked. It was basically over cooked lamb sitting in beans and corn. My cauliflower dish wasn’t very good. Only a few small pieces of cauliflower swimming in onions and hummus. No balance. We couldn’t even give them a second chance because as more tables were seated, we were forgotten about. No one asked us how we liked our mains. By the end of it we just wanted to leave and it took us forever to get our bill. Even when I was staring directly at our server waving them down. go to Gran Dabbang instead. Way more interesting flavours, better service and half the price!!
Maria Cobanera
Maria Cobanera: Unforgivable- a night wasted in Buenos Aires. We were looking forward to our meal after reading rave reviews and considered doing the tasting menu but upon the warning of the waitress that the tasting experience could take 3+ hours, we opted for speedier a la carte ordering for our 8.30pm reservation… or so we thought. Our food never arrived. We didn’t get checked on by waiters, we didn’t get water refills in the 2 hours we sat at our table, nibbling on a bread basket and looking in disbelief at our empty wine glasses, despite being thirsty and having ordered top ups for both. We were told they would ‘check momentarily’ by the 4 different waiters we approached to inquire about the status of our food throughout the evening, but no one came back with an update. It was only after cancelling our food orders and asking for the check (around 10.45pm) that two appetizers magically appeared on our table: the forshmak (blackened fish on potato with green apple and labneh) and deconstructed baba ganoush pictured below. The food was fine- I wouldn’t go as far as calling it unremarkable (admittedly, living in New York City spoils one for choice) but it was definitely not worth the ridiculous wait or lack of service. In the end, the waitress apologized for the delay, alleging a private event in the back room had slowed them down and offered to rush the kitchen and bring us the main on the house. It is little solace to eat 3 pounds of free pastrami at 11.30pm when having booked an 8.30pm reservation for a completely different vibe (‘haute cuisine’ typically comes with a side of ‘haute customer service’). We skipped her offer, and when the bill arrived we noticed we had been charged not only for the appetizers (sure, at least they showed up) and table service (questionable), but also for the beverages that never arrived. We paid for all of it, unwilling to waste any more time or arguing further and left hungry. So be it, Mishiguene- have our money, but know we won’t return and will recommend strongly against.
Vivian Lau Mack
Vivian Lau Mack: A bit hidden in Palermo and featuring a jazzy vibe, Mishigene welcomes you into a dimmed lit, intimate interior. The menu is seasonal and they borrow from the Levantine and Easter European Jewish traditions. We did not innovate much in our choices, but the dishes came in unconventional arrangements and with surprising touches. A deconstructed Baba Ganoush, an impossible to miss Kebab served in a marrow bone and unusually tasty Varenikes. Highly recommended!
Bruno Rigonatti Mendes
Bruno Rigonatti Mendes: Mishiguene is not just a Jewish food restaurant: it’s unquestionably the best dining experience you can have in Buenos Aires. The babaganouch, which features a whole smoked eggplant, might be the best dish I’ve had in the past 10 years. That along with the extremely rich and humongous pastrón will be more than enough for two people. The bread was to die for as well. Service is great and the ambiance is reminiscent of a classic New York restaurant. Can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu.

4. Elena - Retiro

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Address: 1086/88 Buenos Aires AR-C AR, Posadas, C1011 ABB, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3:30PM ⋅ Reopens 7PM

Telephone: +54 11 4321-1200

Business type: South American restaurant

Elena: what do users think?
Lilian Dinma
Lilian Dinma: Hello am here at Elena. I have been coming here for years and i just love the new dish for the baby goat. Everything is perfect. Service are top. Friendly 10/10. . Here you get the best meat ever and if you love fabulous and luxury restaurant then you need to be here. Clean as always. Price depends on what you love to drink or eat. Tonight am having champagne 🍾 🤪 😜
Esther Pena
Esther Pena: Really liked the pulpo. It was the most interesting meal I’ve had in a while. It was perfect in every way and very adventurous. Still don’t really get what type of potatoes I had but it was amazing. The fritters were super delicious and the sauce was a perfect compliment. The gelato was great too and I recommend eating at the same time with the cone because it’s quite salty by itself.
Kia Zivari
Kia Zivari: The service is the worst I encountered during my stay in Buenos Aires. First we had a reservation but had to wait 30 minutes to be seated. Once seated it took 20 minutes to get an appetizer order in. Then we repeatedly asked for a server to take our dinner order and after 5 TIMES of requesting a server and waiting 45 minutes we had our order taken. They also lied to us about the arugula salad and served us caesar salad and told us it was arugula 3 times. The food we had was delicious but it took a very long time to get with poor service so I would not recommend.
Eileen S
Eileen S: Came here relatively early for dinner and drinks. Enjoyed a semi quiet, delicious dinner with friends and by the time for dessert the crowd came rushing in! Food was delicious and the late night DJ created a great experience for our night in the city!
Clariss C
Clariss C: Delicious food, amazing service and great ambiance. The grilled pacu fish will be a good choice for those of you who would like to take a break from all the lovely Argentinian meat..
Nelson Pirolo
Nelson Pirolo: A very modern and stylish place. This restaurant is among the finest of the city. Although it is usually visited by local celebrities, prices are logical for this type of place. Food is awesome, waiters are very kind, and service is swift.
Bruno Rigonatti Mendes
Bruno Rigonatti Mendes: Elena takes the highly competitive spot for best meat in Buenos Aires, in my opinion. The 45-day dry aged ojo de bife is the star of the menu with its unique and nuanced flavors. The T-bone and truffled casarecce pasta were good, but not as mouth-dropping good as the ojo. All for a reasonable price if you’re converting from reais or dollars. Our server spoke Portuguese too. Pro tip: don’t hesitate to order medium rare.
Barbi Mascia
Barbi Mascia: Love the meat here but my favorite part was dolce morte ice cream! ❤️‍🔥
Hayley Hunter
Hayley Hunter: The food was decent but a bit underwhelming given our high expectations heading into the dinner. However, the biggest turn-off was our bill showing up with a side dish listed as costing $16,700 ($100+ USD equiv.) vs. the $1,670 ($10) listed on the menu. Luckily, we caught it and had the price adjusted before paying but there was no formal apology from the restaurant and it seems hard to believe that the system was to blame given all the rest of the prices were correct and this was not a new item on the menu. Would make sure to triple check your receipt before paying if you choose to visit!

5. ROUX - Recoleta

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1821 reviews
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Address: Peña 2300, C1126ABF CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3:30PM ⋅ Reopens 7PM

Telephone: +54 11 4805-6794

Business type: Restaurant

ROUX: what do users think?
Melody L
Melody L: Tasty food with lovely presentation! We arrived at 2.45pm without reservation and got a table indoors after a 20min wait. Prawn risotto was delicious!!! Guitar string pasta with tuna was also yummy!
Silvestre Navarro (SilversDx8)
Silvestre Navarro (SilversDx8): Amazing staff... Even the customers were very kind and friendly, they make you feel part of the "family". They receive you with some home made bread, gazpacho and liverwurst. We did some Spanish prosciutto and ham fried balls for the entrance. It was like being in the Mercado de la Boquería at Barcelona eating prosciutto or speck ☺️ The Angus biff (Ojo de bife) was magnificent... Just told the waitress to serve it as the Cheff recommend... Also the sweetbread (mollejas) were really good, it came with a pasta raviolone with truffle and a yolk. Well .. if you are going to expend some money... You have to get a dessert of course, everything in the menu was a must but we order the white chocolate pannacotta... A-ma-zing!! Is not a cheap place but for sure a nice way to celebrate some especial day like an anniversary. *We got a chance to met the Cheff/Owner
MaryBeth Smith
MaryBeth Smith: Over the top fabulous Valentine price fixed dinner. Service was great, wine pairings perfect, menu items very beautiful, creative and tasty!!
John Doe
John Doe: The food is good and aims at producing signature cusine. The place is small and fancy. Staff is very friendly and attentive. The place is quite expensive for the city average, starting at 50 USD/person without wine. Still, it was close to full on a tuesday night.Food: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
William Hall
William Hall: Absolutely exquisite meal; they provide an English menu if requestedRecommended dishes Black Angus …More
Daria Nowak
Daria Nowak: The food is exquisite! Service extremely attentive, lovely atmosphere. I wish we discovered it before the day of departure so we could dine there again.
Chris Morfas
Chris Morfas: Delicious food, refined delivery. A good splurge.
Damarys Prado Hernandez
Damarys Prado Hernandez: Awesome place and food! The chef reach us to check our experience and the attention was great! Definitely a place to go if you visit Buenos Aires! Thanks Roux team

6. Julia Restaurante - Villa Crespo

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345 reviews
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Julia Restaurante
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Address: Loyola 807, C1414 C1414AUQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM

Telephone: +54 11 7519-0514

Business type: Restaurant

Julia Restaurante: what do users think?
John Macdonald
John Macdonald: Wow what a great find. This has the makings of a top world class restaurant. Dishes were of exceptional quality and inventive. Beef best i have had in Argentina. Mushroom dish wow! Tomato Tatar so creative and great. Blue cheese ice cream - ok did not work for me but I love the fact unusual and new combinations are tried. Service was fun relaxed and genuine. I had tasting menu with wine pairings and perhaps drank too much but noticed the visible kitchen was not having a drop of alcohol - real professionals! Congrats chef Julio and team - look forward to seeing you on top lists.
Hans Simon
Hans Simon: If you want to go here, be sure to make a reservation as soon as they open the books for a spot. It is a very small restaurant with only about 9 or 10 tables, and with it placing on Latin Americas best restaurant list, tables will be hard to come by, we were lucky to have a connect get us a spot even though they were booked out for multiple weeks. The Chefs here are not afraid to take risks and put out beautiful looking dishes with fun punchy flavors. Yes. You want to come here. Be openminded. Leave with a deeper appreciation of what flavor can be.
Silvia Noemi Fernandez
Silvia Noemi Fernandez: We were able to get a table at this 22 seat restaurant and it was amazing. Can’t decide what dish was my favourite as they all were very different and exquisite. I take my hat of to the guys at the back of the house for their performance in preparing the feast and the front of the house for being helpful and friendly Must go in Buenos Aires
Sofia Clemente
Sofia Clemente: The food was superb, I mean really amazing! You can see the dedication and specialty of the chef in every plate. The sesame icecream was delicious as well as the watermelon veggie carpaccio. But the service was completely out of the goodness of the place, the tall dye hair masculine waitress was super rude when we politely say to him that it was too hot in there (35*C/95*F) and no AC (they have one which was on but no refreshing at all, it was insane how hot was in there, if there were another restaurant nearby I will definitely have change location las minute because it was ruin the night). He was so arrogant saying that that was a problem he can not handle and was not able to answer to us about it because he was busy (‘en este momento no puedo contestarte, estoy con otras cosas’, when he was supposedly handling our table at the moment). I mean customers shouldn’t be treated that way if you pretend to be a high end restaurant somehow. It was really a pity.
Pedro Barbosa
Pedro Barbosa: Third time coming back to this hidden jewel. Not a single miss on every dish, chef JM Baez never ceases to impress. Amazing staff, always knowledgeable and warm. Definitely a top 5 in Buenos Aires!

7. Don Julio - Palermo

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11730 reviews
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Don Julio
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Address: Guatemala 4699, C1425 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4PM ⋅ Reopens 7PM

Telephone: +54 11 4832-6058

Business type: Grill

Don Julio: what do users think?
Nicolas: BEST STEAKS I’VE EVER HAD!! Its astronomically rare that I give a 10/10!!! The meats were high quality, well cooked, incredibly flavored, and juicy!! The service was beyond anything I’ve been to, the portions are solid!! They also had french fries which weren’t how I like them, but still good!!
Santiago Diaz Zapata
Santiago Diaz Zapata: Top place, top location, top quality it’s got a nice atmosphere, every detail is nice. a great experience that is worth it, if you want to try good food. went with some friends, the booking was difficult to get but the staff helped us in the best way possible, accepted our changes in reservation, and also during the time we were there they were all really kind, and professional. food was amazing.
Oz: Best Argentinian steakhouse I’ve ever visited. Hands down. Service is first rate, wine selection superb, meat is so high quality, it’s a crime to order or well done. The apps and side dishes were also superb: all seasonal and spectacular in flavor as a result. Don’t look for asparagus outside of spring and stick to heirloom tomatoes in the summer (grape types hanging off the ceiling and walls!). Did my best to photograph the whole wine and food menus so you have an up to date sense of where things stand. Be prepared to pay for the best Argentinian steakhouse in the world. Don’t get me wrong there are some inconveniences too. Make a reservation and keep your confirmation number. Otherwise be prepared to wait, a long time.
Serge Sim
Serge Sim: We were a party of four and waited for one hour, but it was totally worth it! The best experience - great food and meat, excellent service. Our server Fernando flawlessly fixed an error his partner made and was super attentive. IMO this is the best steakhouse in BA for a reason (probably in the top in South America) and I highly recommend it!
Andres Perez
Andres Perez: Great showcase of Argentinian products in a very refined way. The products are top quality. The beef is mind blowing. Service is very kind and efficient. Price for value is very good for tourists.
Marcus Martino
Marcus Martino: The Best restaurant in Palermo and one of the bests in town. For me the place to stay is on the street tables. The food is for two and my recommendation is the Pork but the meet is perfectly served too. Service in an international quality. Great wines are available.
Gonzalo: Superlatives don’t do justice to Don Julio. This is not just a meal but a full remarkable experience. Starting from the moment you walk and in ‘till you leave. The attention to detail, the engaging service, the atmosphere, the wines! And let’s not forget some pretty delicious grilled meat. We came for lunch and it was simply epic, memorable and unforgettable moment. Enjoy the ride and savour every minute, it’s that kind of place! Simply wonderful, thank you for one or the most unique, fun, and delicious memory.
Scott Hansen
Scott Hansen: One of the top meals of my life. Beautiful sausage, delicious provoleta, salty-perfect Argentinian steak, amazing atmosphere, and impeccable service (an anomaly here in BA). If it were in Kansas City, I’d be here at least once per month.
Clemens Walter
Clemens Walter: Not only the beef was really outstanding, also the tomatoes which are homegrown and totally organic where exceptional. You don’t need a lot of things around – just the meat and a salad of tomatoes does it all. Also the very very good wines they offer complement the food very well. Next time I am in town, for sure I will be back.

8. Patagonia Sur - La Boca

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120 reviews
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Patagonia Sur
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Address: Rocha 801, C1166 CABA, Argentina

Telephone: +54 11 4303-5917

Business type: Argentinian restaurant

Patagonia Sur: what do users think?
Eduardo Bethlem
Eduardo Bethlem: Dinner was good, but we were a bit disappointed with the menu, considering the price. We had pretty simple dishes with no special ingredients at all. We had Gaspacho, a salad with caramelized peach and plum, a tiny piece of centolla crab, gnocchi (this was specially amazing), merluza and steak with domino potatoes (which we had already had the same in Francis’ restaurants in Mendoza and Santa Cruz). All that for 200 USD, doesn’t seem fair. The setting is really amazing and cozy, with beautiful art and decoration. Service was also nice, although a bit distant. No wonder we were the only couple for dinner on a Tuesday night.
Michael Van den Bergh
Michael Van den Bergh: Exceptional gastronomic menu with top Patagonian ingredients. All of this in a beautiful setting with nice artworks and with great staff. The host and sommelier is one of the best I’ve met in this category of restaurant. My favorite dishes were the burnt and breaded aubergine, the octopus, the Patagonian black hake with wild asparagus, and the Wagyu chuck steak which were all cooked to perfection. The wine menu is exquisite, and I would highly recommend the wine pairing (they call it wine tasting). The paired wines are of an exceptional level. Some of the best Pinot Noir (Patagonian) and Malbec I’ve had in my life. Overall, in my countless visits to Argentina, this restaurant is unique in providing a top European level gastronomic experience with unapologetically “wild” Patagonian food.
Luca Danesi
Luca Danesi: Fantastic atmosphere, the service was great as well!!! The food was really really good, maybe, a little bit pricey but definitely worth experiencing if in Buenos Aires. You really get into Malmanns philosophy. Big shout out to the people working there. Always super kind and ready to answer every question!
Rich Workman
Rich Workman: What an amazing experience that met all of my obscenely high expectations. Incredible experience that cannot be put into words. You need to see for yourself and come hungry!
Shay Ziv
Shay Ziv: One of a kind experience with top tier service. Excellent food, romantic atmosphere, what else would you ask for? Cheers.
patrick lynch
patrick lynch: A must for lovers of exquisite culinary experiences. Francis Mallman’ staff does not disappoint. Every detail from food, wine, ambience carefully and uniquely mastered. The food some of the best I’ve ever eaten in my 31 years in the Restaurant industry. Not an easy place to find or get to as a tourist. But given the limitation of diner’s they seat per night, not a problem. To be sure it is more than dinner your buying. It is an experience and lasting memory.
Mo Allam
Mo Allam: Excellent food/ I am not sure how anybody can rate this place bad. Everything is made and cooked to perfection.

9. Restó S.C.A. Restaurant - Recoleta

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194 reviews
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Restó S.C.A. Restaurant
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Address: C1019ABT, Montevideo 938, C1019ABT CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3PM

Telephone: +54 11 4816-6711

Business type: Restaurant

Restó S.C.A. Restaurant: what do users think?
khalil emede
khalil emede: A m a z i n g food! If you want to dine in a beautiful restaurant in the central area of Buenos Aires look no further - Resto’ offers a variety of delicious menu items alongside some day specials which never cease to amaze. I’m beyond happy to have discovered this place as they strive for creative combinations with high quality ingredients and with inspiration with some traditional italian and argentine cuisine deliver a lovely experience for your tasting buds. Staff is extremely nice, professional a d attentive and the chefs are young and talented. Must try!
Ethan Feldman
Ethan Feldman: It is a rare pleasure to find an intimate, quiet restaurant with truly gourmet food. Every dish we had was exquisite, from the duck paté amuse bouche to the final galette. We had a wild caught rainbow trout on a carrot puree that was delicate and the flavors flowered in your moth, and lamb rack done to perfection over smokey babaganoush with buttery grilled shitakis. Unforgettable.
Ghidossi Paul
Ghidossi Paul: Muy buen lugar con un menu simple y de alto nivel de cocina.Very nice place, small, quaint, a little bit more exclusive and the choices on the menu are well thought out with a tendency towards fresh.
Roberto Mangioni
Roberto Mangioni: The best restaurant in BA, food, service, wines, location
JP Elberfeld
JP Elberfeld: Flavors combinations were Michelin Star quality. Wine pairing was great. Good service. Reasonable pricing $950 ARG for appetizer, entré, and dessert. Also 10% off if you use cash. Highly recommend.
Lilian: The entrance for the resto is almost not visible from the street and you have to ring a bell to enter. Once your in the resto it is very cosy and welcoming. The menus they serve are interesting combinations of flavours and very creative. The service is very friendly and attentive.
No Boddame
No Boddame: Simply delicious, gourmet offerings and fine wines, with a charming staff highly trained in fine dining service. Reserve ahead it is quite small. Only six or so tables. Resto is not open for dinner every night, so check. Be sure to use Goggle to see street entrance as there is not on street sign. You will see one once you enter the gallery- arcade. YUMM!

10. Norte - Retiro

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Address: Talcahuano 953, C1013AAS CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4PM ⋅ Reopens 8PM

Telephone: +54 11 4816-2867

Business type: Argentinian restaurant

Norte: what do users think?
Justin Chaos
Justin Chaos: Here since 1970 and still going strong, Norte is an example of what the Bodegón porteño is supposed to be.Affordable, lively, great atmosphere and character and...amazing food with humongous portions.
Javier: Authentic little BA eatery, honest food and excellent service by waiter Ake (?). After paying the bill Ake wants to shake my hand but I mistakingly knock the half full wine glass over and red wine spills over the table, onto the floor and into the entrance way. I apologise and he treats me to a customer service master-class: he calmly takes my now empty glass, leaves and comes back with a new glass of wine. Then he mops up the floor, changes the table cloth all while welcoming new customers. Wow! Did I tip him? You bet! Will I be back here, absolutely. Any place where this old fashioned level of “customer is king” will always be full. Muchas gracias Ake!!
Edoardo Nerenzi
Edoardo Nerenzi: Lovely Argentinian local restaurant. Food and wine are delicious and very reasonably priced.Perfect place to try local cousine
Lincoln Frias
Lincoln Frias: Delicious food and good price. Perfect for those looking to eat like a local, away from touristy places.
Kathi McDermott
Kathi McDermott: Food was very reasonably priced. Menu not in English and no one speaks English so it was difficult to find what to eat. I had the fried Hake. Fish was delicious, but mashed potatoes not so much.
riz haider
riz haider: Where the locals go for dinner, Family size portions of steak. One order of steak is good for two people. No nonsense place, very Argentine. Loved it!
Martín Salías
Martín Salías: Great typical Buenos Aires restaurant with simple but good food, in a friendly setting. Away from fancy but good quality and service.

11. La Cabrera - Palermo

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16323 reviews
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La Cabrera
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Address: José A. Cabrera 5127, C1414BGQ CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5:30PM ⋅ Reopens 6:30PM

Telephone: +54 11 4832-5754

Business type: Argentinian restaurant

La Cabrera: what do users think?
James Lesesne
James Lesesne: Update: My friend told me to return and try the restaurant again. I went back and the experience was much better. The food is incredible. I am not sure what happened the first time I went. 4/5 Stars because of the first experience Was told to go to the next location with was across the streets. I ended up waiting for 30 minutes. Everything was unorganized and couldn’t tell which line to be in and then realized that I needed to put my name down after waiting. I was told the food is great but not worth waiting and not knowing what’s going on. I will go to another place.
Response: Hello! We would like you to tell us about your experience through a private instagram message in order to improve our service. Cheers
Alan Donegan
Alan Donegan: Super expensive, incredibly steaks. 40% off happy hour but still feels incredibly expensive! You don’t need to order much, it comes with incredible sides and the dessert sharing platter is unbelievable! We had so much food. We did have a lovely evening!
Response: Hi Alan, thanks for your comment! We are glad that you had a beautiful experience in our meat house! We are waiting for you back soon! Greetings 🙌🏽
Reyaad Gaffoor
Reyaad Gaffoor: Went for Happy Hour Special.6.30 to 7.45pm. Wonderful value for money deal.40% off the entire bill.Had the 600g Rib Eye to share with Fries.Medium rare. Grilled to perfection. Enjoyed bread&sides too. Will go back.Good deal at Premium Restaurant .
Yury R
Yury R: This was an incredibly disappointing experience. The service was negligent. The wine was poured in a used glass, but to their credit they used a clean glass immediately after recognizing this. As for the steak (ojo steak), it was chewy, smelly and less than delicious/appetizing. Similarly, the person adjacent to our table sent their meal back to the kitchen. I genuinely have no idea why this place has so many positive reviews. Go to Don Julio instead!
Response: Hi Yury! We are sorry for what happened, we take your comment as an opportunity to improve.
Lil Mama
Lil Mama: Our first day in Argentina and was really looking forward to our lunch here. Maybe my expectation of the Argentine quality of steak was super high coz this place was a let down. Sides were also not good unfortunately. The service was awesome though.
Response: Hi Lil! We are sorry for what happened, we take your comment as an opportunity to improve.
Vasco Burgos
Vasco Burgos: Great food and service. The meat was cooked to perfection and they give you a plethora of mini-side dishes to go with your meal. Wine selection was also very good and the dessert was delicious, as expected. I highly recommend La Cabrera!
Response: Hello Vasco! Thank you very much for your comment, we are waiting for you again at our house whenever you like 🤩🙌🏼
Nitin Malla
Nitin Malla: Quality has gone done since I first tried this place 4 years ago. 1/4 of my steak was inedible connective tissue (I got the rib eye). While menu said steak is 400 grams which normally is far more then I could eat, with the large amount connective tissue removed, I left feeling hungry. Also, what makes this place special is the large variety of side items that come complimentary but the quality of these side dishes was disappointing. There are 2 restaurants across the street from each other, try to go to the original one (entrance on corner of street), the 2nd restaurant is where they send the tourists and the quality is not as good.
Response: Hello Nitin! Thank you very much for your comment, we are waiting for you again at our house whenever you like 🤩🙌🏼
Meghan Lichte
Meghan Lichte: We went for happy hour. It’s early for Argentine standards but was perfect for us. It’s 40% off from 1800-2000. Let me advise you: the entree portions are GIANT! They know this and offer to go boxes! It’s seriously so delicious and filling. On top of the regular items we ordered, they brought olives and cheese dip with bread AND some accompanying small dishes. Come hungry and don’t order like we did! Be sure to ask for Marcelo! He’s a great server!
Response: Hi Megan! Thank you very much for your comment, we wait for you again when you like 😃

12. Marcelo - Puerto Madero

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Address: Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1140, C1107 AAX, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3:30PM ⋅ Reopens 7:30PM

Telephone: +54 11 4342-8689

Business type: Italian restaurant

Marcelo: what do users think?
Beatriz Schuster
Beatriz Schuster: The food was more than excellent. Homemade pasta with seafood was top quality. The tiramisú with Sambayón ice cream was great. They should hire more servers. Our poor server was trying to keep up with our table and the tables around us. All servers looked overworked and stressed out. Management should pay more attention to their employees
SS Yap
SS Yap: Seafood pasta is great. Pasta texture is like Chinese “yee mien”. The seafood pasta tasted like Asian lobster noodles, hence we loved it. Largely due to the fact that we have been away from Asia for a month already. Cod fish and saltimboca were well prepared and tasted delicious. Note: we ordered 3 different types of pasta and sauces, but everyone was served the same type. That must be their chef’s specialty/“chiu pai choy”. We forgive them since it tasted good. A plate of pasta can feed 3-4 people (Malaysian standard.) Parking: Ample parking nearby. Wheelchair accessibility: Conveniently located by the roadside.
Chen Abramovitz
Chen Abramovitz: Great Italian restaurante. Great service, big portions. The pasta was better then the pizzas 🍕
Victoria Gallego
Victoria Gallego: Best restaurant for Italian food in BA Amazing service! The maitre was really lovely Everything is made there bread, pizza, pasta. Burrata cheese, prosciutto crudo (Parma ham), & dry tomatoes with olive oil as anti-pasto like in every restaurant in Italy. Squid ink black Fettuccine with pomodoro (tomato) sauce and sea food mix. Try pasta with tomato sauce and cream too! Chocolate Volcano with ice cream & whipped cream. Don’t miss the breadbasket & the Lemoncello. And the dulce de leche volcano if you are from a foreign country. Pizza bread, ravioli and risottos are really good too the wine list completes the menu with the best wines from Argentina. Malbec Rosso! It’s expensive $$$$ but plates are to share between three. They church for table service per person, no matter what you order for. It’s worth it! They got valet parking. Puerto Madero is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Where you can go for walks and have an awesome gastronomic experience.
Ko Youn Chang
Ko Youn Chang: Excellent Italian cuisine. Friendly staff. But portions too big. We over ordered food.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Tony Pizzi
Tony Pizzi: Great Italian food. Most plates are for 2 people. Really excellent service and very welcoming staff. You can sit in the enclosed patio area next to the water.
Gabriel Colombo
Gabriel Colombo: Great food and the service is amazing!!Only problem is too loud, very difficult to maintain a conversationFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Jorge Muñoz
Jorge Muñoz: Best Italian Food in Buenos Aires. Everything was perfect. Great service, fresh ingredients
Yosani Brewer
Yosani Brewer: Exceptional food. Great service. We came during the busy hour but they sat us right away even without a reservation.
Rocky Rook
Rocky Rook: Phenomenal food and impeccable service. Ate here 1st time in Dec 2018 2nd time April 2019 ... even better the second time! The bread and the squid pasta are hands down the best!

13. Alvear Grill - Recoleta

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Alvear Grill
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Address: Alvear Palace Hotel, Ayacucho 2023, C1112 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30PM Tue

Telephone: +54 11 4805-3857

Business type: Grill

Alvear Grill: what do users think?
Paula Wallem
Paula Wallem: BEST PARRILLA in Argentina, without a doubt. Oh my! How come this place is not on the top 10 list boggles my mind. First class all the way. By far, the best meats we had in Argentina (too bad this was my husband’s last night). The wine list is top notch without the top notch prices. Service was extraordinary, they made us feel extremely welcomed, even if I was playing Barbie with my 6 years old niece (she’s the most well behaved kid ever by the way!). This is her favorite place in Buenos Aires (she loves having the high tea upstairs) It’s a parrilla with a twist, really fine dining parrilla. Mollejas, empanadas, provoleta, desserts, meats, sides. Everything was excellent and big portions for the main dishes and sides. Absolutely recommend! We’ll be back
Response: Thank you very much for sharing your experience! We are extremely grateful for your positive feedback and look forward to the pleasure of having you again as our guest in the future at our Alvear Grill.
Dave Underwood
Dave Underwood: Excellent food and service. We dined here two nights. The octopus appetizer is very good. Excellent choice of wines.
Response: Thank your for your review!
olivia “melchi”
olivia “melchi”: The food and the attention 10/10, It is incredible how they are in every detail of the attention and the food has some dazzling flavors. Excellent quality meat, amazing
Response: Thank you for your nice review,! we regret you valued us with only two stars.
Thrilling Tastes
Thrilling Tastes: I had weird vibes at this restaurant because it was so pretentious. The food was not amazing. I had the soup tasting with 3 kinds of soup and they were not great. The octopus was overcooked.
Patrick Gastineau
Patrick Gastineau: The elegant atmosphere with the marble and spiral staircase entrance lets you before you graciously greeted by the staff that you are a a world class restaurant. The whole night from the water service to the eight course tasting menu was fantastic all items were served seasoned and at a proper temperature I would recommend this to all foodies but be prepared to spend some time and come hungry.
Tati B.
Tati B.: Incredible place with excellent cuisine française de grand cru! I was impressed by their wine list, cause it`s a real encyclopedic book with a very wide, meticulous selection from all over the world, made with love and real passion to wine. The client service is the best one I have received in Buenos Aires (for me it really matters). Incredibly attentive, professional staff speaking perfectly many languages, including very rare ones. Merci beaucoup pour cette agréable soirée!
Bob Smith
Bob Smith: Best in Buenos Aires setting standard and service
Response: Thank you for your review!
August von Finck
August von Finck: The only fine dining in BA, however there is still room for improvement if one wants to compare with a 3 Star restart in Paris. The service could be more responsive and the dishes a bit more flamboyant.

14. Chan Chan - Monserrat

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2120 reviews
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Chan Chan
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Address: Hipólito Yrigoyen 1390, C1086 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Tue

Business type: Peruvian restaurant

Chan Chan: what do users think?
Tom De Pauw
Tom De Pauw: The food is excellent. We have been to that restaurant for years. So this time we had Aji de Langostinos and we split the single serving. It was not spicy. We ordered Pisco and waited for 15 min. We asked another waiter and it did not take long. So i suspect the waiter forgot. The bill was for AR$4.500 for 2.Food: 5/5 | Service: 3/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Vladimir Dzalbo
Vladimir Dzalbo: I actually liked the place. Yes, it could be cleaner and stuff, but the service is fast, the prices are ok and the guys know what they are doing. It’s all right!
Dee Cee
Dee Cee: Cerviche was really good.. Great place to go to break up the meat dishes. Only place I visited twice while in Buenos Aires.
Vilmo Serafim Junior
Vilmo Serafim Junior: We order two different ceviches....and the waiter didnt mention that both have chili...and we ask about, he insist that there was no chili. We didn’t enjoy our ceviche. Don’t recommend the place.
Response: Thanks for rating us
Javier Ciurlanti
Javier Ciurlanti: The sauce with the bread was amazing. I highly recommend the shrimp and rice dish pictured. It was incredible.
Inna Pravdenko
Inna Pravdenko: Ayyy, so lovely and sweet. And we ate very well!!!
Glenn Kips
Glenn Kips: Delicious food from Peru. High qualitiy fish. Definitely try the Ceviche!
Response: Thanks for rating us
Ludovic Seri
Ludovic Seri: Really good Peruvian restaurant with a complete menu to enjoy Peruvian specialties.
Response: Thanks for rating us

15. The Argentine Experience - Palermo

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500 reviews
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The Argentine Experience
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Address: Fitz Roy 2110, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30PM

Telephone: +54 11 4778-0913

Business type: Argentinian restaurant

The Argentine Experience: what do users think?
Nichole Petrucci-Katje
Nichole Petrucci-Katje: This place was amazing. We were delayed coming in for our trip and they rescheduled our reservation to another day which was very much appreciated. I loved the entire show. It was so much fun getting to meet new people and the food was phenomenal. The staff will have you laughing and teach you about Argentina while never letting your wine glass empty! A must do while in BA
Gabriela Arroyo
Gabriela Arroyo: Great experience that allows you to taste all Argentina has to offer in a fun, communal way. Staff are very knowledgeable and help create a memorable evening. The food was outstanding, paired with great wines, and you get to try mate at the end. I also have to mention how kind and accommodating the staff were- I screwed up the dates and missed my original reservation, they were able to rebook me at no additional charge for a later date. THANK YOU. Definitely recommend!
Payce Petersen
Payce Petersen: Delicious, fun, and overall a great experience. This is my fourth time to Argentina and I wish I i had experienced this the first time. Great hospitality from the entire staff. Muchas gracias!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Blood Sausage, Appetizer Plates, Homemade Cookies …More
Logan Tucker
Logan Tucker: Awesome evening! Everyone was so friendly and the food and drinks were great. If you’re traveling, start your trip here so you can make friends and get recommendations, etc. Frederico was our host. He was hospitable, patient and entertaining.
Ben Hurley Scarbro
Ben Hurley Scarbro: One of the best nights of our whole trip. Lots of travelers to chat with. Made food and enjoyed tons of good wine. It was fun, entertaining, a tiny bit educational and creative. My suggestion is get there a little early and engage with the people at your table right away. Find common ground and enjoy the night.Service: 5/5 | Location: 5/5 …More
Matt Henry Team
Matt Henry Team: Friend and I had dinner last night. What an amazing experience. Group sitting which was a lot of fun. The good quality is excellent and then cater to food allergies. The waitresses were amazing, very entertaining and a bonus that they all spoke fluent English.
Oanh Nguyen
Oanh Nguyen: Fun full night with friendly people. The time passed pretty quick with activities throughout. The Cocktails Tasting experience was nice as well. We had a good group of people joining us, which added to the experience. Well run!

Buenos Aires is a city full of surprises and one of them is the presence of Michelin Star restaurants. This city is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and many of them have been awarded the prestigious Michelin Star. From traditional Argentine cuisine to modern fusion dishes, these restaurants offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

The most famous Michelin Star restaurant in Buenos Aires is La Cabrera, located in the Palermo neighborhood. This restaurant offers a unique combination of traditional Argentine flavors and modern techniques. The menu includes dishes such as grilled beef, empanadas, and a variety of salads. La Cabrera has been awarded one Michelin Star and is a must-visit for any food lover.

Another great Michelin Star restaurant in Buenos Aires is Tegui, located in the trendy Palermo Soho neighborhood. This restaurant offers a modern take on traditional Argentine cuisine, with dishes such as grilled octopus, beef tartare, and a variety of salads. Tegui has been awarded one Michelin Star and is a great option for those looking for a unique dining experience.

Finally, there is the restaurant Don Julio, located in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood. This restaurant offers a unique combination of traditional Argentine flavors and modern techniques. The menu includes dishes such as grilled beef, empanadas, and a variety of salads. Don Julio has been awarded one Michelin Star and is a great option for those looking for a unique dining experience.

In conclusion, Buenos Aires is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and many of them have been awarded the prestigious Michelin Star. From traditional Argentine cuisine to modern fusion dishes, these restaurants offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for a traditional Argentine meal or a modern fusion dish, there is a Michelin Star restaurant in Buenos Aires that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

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