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    Best Border Collie Breeders In Buenos Aires Near You

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    Best Border Collie Breeders In Buenos Aires Near You

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    1. Intikimsa

    1 reviews

    Address: Nicolás Avellaneda 1441, Florida, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Telephone: +54 11 4791-3437

    Guy: Dog breeder

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    We help you choose border collie breeders in Buenos Aires

    Looking for border collie breeders in Buenos Aires?
    We are in the capital of Argentina, a city with more than 3 million inhabitants. You'll want to visit the Plaza de Mayo, for example, which is the centre of the city and is surrounded by 19th century buildings that you're sure to fall in love with! Among these buildings we find the Casa Rosada, the iconic architecture of this presidential palace is a symbol of this city, although in we are not only here to show you the most typical or the best known.
    We are a group of friends who walk the streets of Buenos Aires every day and we know almost all the characteristics of this city. Therefore, who better than us to recommend you what to do, where to eat, or where to sleep. We created with no purpose other than information, as we are only interested in adapting you to this city as quickly as possible through our posts.
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