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1. Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno - Recoleta

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Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno
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Address: Agüero 2502, C1425 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +54 11 4808-6000

Business type: Library

Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno: what do users think?
Ricardo Emmel Böck
Ricardo Emmel Böck: Great place to research and study, although it might not be very pleasant when it’s too hot.
jennifer chen
jennifer chen: I need to go inside! Amazing constructivist library a must see.
Laura Gao
Laura Gao: Incredible place.Super recommend to study there.The Borges theatre is wonderful
Boris M.
Boris M.: Very worth visiting for everyone interested in architecture.Just make sure not to miss a guided tour. The guard was not smart enough to tell us about the tour which started exactly at the moment when we arrived.
Davide Di Martino
Davide Di Martino: I liked the temporary exhibition in Shakespeare and Cervantes.A little bit more maintenance to the building would do good...
Eduardo Barraza
Eduardo Barraza: Its quiet. The atmosphere is as great as the view. It looks down to Puerto Madero and the Rio de la Plata river
Andréa Borges
Andréa Borges: Amazing place!
Javier Vieiro
Javier Vieiro: A nice and quiet place for reading a book or study in the heart of Recoleta neighborhood
Lautaro C.R
Lautaro C.R: The people there could treat you better, a lot of egos around, disgusting.But the place IS really nice it has a lot of information regarding cultural events from this country

2. National Library of Teachers - Recoleta

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144 reviews
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National Library of Teachers
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Address: Pje. Pizzurno 953, C1017 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +54 11 4129-1272

Business type: Library

National Library of Teachers: what do users think?
Fernando: A library in one of the many beautiful buildings in the city. And one of the many places to visit and be free that we have and that we often ignore. 👉 to enter they only ask for your ID and leave the bag in the lockers. You can enter with your computer if you want, they make you fill out a paper only to control when you leave. 👉 I respect the book material, I honestly did not give an opinion because I did not go to that, the Library is specialized in education, so it is reference material, especially for teachers. 👉 the building is well preserved, and although the chairs and furniture are somewhat deteriorated, the people who work are super friendly 👉 On the first floor there is a photo album of the schools at the end of the 19th century, which is a gem.
Response: Hello Fernando. Thank you very much for your comment!
Priscila Jiménez
Priscila Jiménez: 🏫 The library is inside the Sarmiento Palace. It is very nice, ideal to go to study or work. The tables and chairs are very comfortable, it also has several plugs 🔌 🤑 Admission is free. You must present your ID. 🔐 You cannot enter with a backpack, food or drinks. They give you a key to store your things in a locker. You can enter with your cell phone, computer and everything you want but in your hand. 🖥 There are computers and good wifi. 📚 At the moment only the reading room is enabled.
Response: Thank you Priscilla for your comment and your rating. We will wait for you!
sandra: It is a public library, it was founded on January 15, 1870, specialized in educational sciences and pedagogy, it works in the historic building of the Palacio Sarmiento. It can be visited for free from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. no need to book, just with the DNI.
Response: Thank you Sandra for your comment.
Laura Soria
Laura Soria: The place is beautiful well preserved. Calm and quiet environment. Excellent attention at the reception but the times I was there were Internet connection interruptions for a long time.
Response: Hello Laura. Thanks for your comment
Giuliana Ayala
Giuliana Ayala: Precious! You can visit it on your own or come to study. It is comfortable, it has a connection to connect the cell phone or the computer, and it is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Next door is the Palace, which offers very nice guided tours. Very friendly guide. Worth a visit
Response: Hello Guiliana. Thanks for your comment! It is worth clarifying that the library is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Do not forget to bring your ID or passport to enter. We are waiting for you
Didier Castañeda
Didier Castañeda: It is one of the most beautiful libraries I have ever seen, very comfortable to study, you have a locker with a padlock to store things, electricity for electrical devices. Comfortable furniture and good lighting. In general very good and very pretty
Response: Thanks Didier for your comment.

3. El Ateneo Grand Splendid - Recoleta

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63754 reviews
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El Ateneo Grand Splendid
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Address: Av. Sta. Fe 1860, C1123 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +54 11 4813-6052

Business type: Book store

El Ateneo Grand Splendid: what do users think?
Brent Timm
Brent Timm: This bookstore is an absolute MUST VISIT if you come to Buenos Aires. The architecture is simply stunning and must be seen to be believed. I had a wonderful time here exploring all the floors and staring with wonder at the unique paintings and designs. Unfortunately they don’t have an English language section here but you’ll definitely find some great potential souvenirs to take home. I heard the cafe has nice coffee but we didn’t get a chance to try it. Greet place to spend a little under an hour.
Olg 8
Olg 8: an absolute must-see place. former theatre converted into a royal bookstore. magnificent decorations, balconies and stairs. have a cup of very decent coffee right on the scene! fascinating! modern antique
Jens Peter Olesen
Jens Peter Olesen: Amazing book store. They have everything - found so many classic books and even a fair share of old records. And all available in an old theatre. What a view and so big. Mostly Spanish books though. The café is a nice rest in the back of the store.
Victoria Romero
Victoria Romero: If you love bookstores this is a MUST! It is STUNNING. I read it is one of the top 5 bookstores in the world. Before you do anything go to the second floor and take in the view from above. This old theatre has been turned into a bookstore and is absolutely breathtaking. If you have time you can eat in the Cafe located on the old stage. Take come time browsing through books. The staff is very friendly and there is a lot to explore here.
Jerry Ratigan
Jerry Ratigan: Extremely busy and large crowds….. lots of people here just to take selfies.. 4 floors of books, with a some CD, and vinyl record options. Mostly, over 95% books in Spanish as expected. Definitely worth a visit as the inside old theatre tenants are well preserved and as if you are stepping back in time.
Dr. Ali Duerks
Dr. Ali Duerks: Most beautiful bookstore I’ve ever visited. It used to be a theater. It has a nice cafe in the back where the stage would be. The selection of books are obviously in Spanish, there’s also a section with stationeries, backpacks, and other little gifts. Visit if you’re in the area.
Andrew Sprich
Andrew Sprich: Spectacular building and great location... But the bookstore itself was a little disappointing. The selection seemed very limited. The cafe was also great. It is for sure worth a visit and is beautiful, but as a bookstore, it is just okay.
Andres Valenzuela-Spencer
Andres Valenzuela-Spencer: Beautiful historic library one of a kind in the world. It has a nice comfy cafe and a good variety of books. Very well connected area.

4. Biblioteca Popular San José

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3 reviews
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Biblioteca Popular San José
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Address: Portugal, Blvd. Armesti y, Temperley, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Telephone: +54 11 4260-3202

Business type: Library

Biblioteca Popular San José: what do users think?
Rosario Carucci
Rosario Carucci: SAN JOSE POPULAR LIBRARY, Armesti and Portugal Temperley, Banfield, Lomas de Zamora. A place to visit with children. bibliography for adolescents and the general public. Various means of transport, line 266 branch 5, line 278 letter W, line 179 San Jose -Pompeya
Jorge Rampinini
Jorge Rampinini: Very well cared for, with many and varied texts, excellent attention and the possibility of taking courses and workshops.
Esteban Elverdin
Esteban Elverdin: Very accessible books

5. Garcia library Cambeiro - Boedo

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Garcia library Cambeiro
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Address: C. Gallegos 3570, C1240 CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +54 11 4924-1140

Business type: Library

Garcia library Cambeiro: what do users think?
Rafael Franco
Rafael Franco: Sale of paper and digital publications

6. Library Manuel Gálvez - San Nicolás

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9 reviews
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Library Manuel Gálvez
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Address: Av. Córdoba 1558, C1055AAS CABA, Argentina

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +54 11 4812-4723

Business type: Public library

Library Manuel Gálvez: what do users think?
Huircapan - Günün a küna
Huircapan - Günün a küna: When will the library open? Or how to access your materials? some special permission or something. Some telephone or means of communication or where to go to ask for the opening.
Ricardo Queirel
Giancarlos Paolo Guedez
Giancarlos Paolo Guedez: Very nice and with an excellent patio, of the three times that I have gone they have treated me as if I were going to do something bad and even watching as if I were going to steal ... I find the treatment of the employees very unpleasant.
A Rodriguez
A Rodriguez: The place is nice and the staff friendly but the humidity there is frankly unhealthy for both the public and the staff. The building has been in that unfortunate state for years
Ggl: My cell phone was stolen in there, if those at the reception see some Paraguayan criminals enter and ask where it is and then ask to go in to see they should not let them pass because they realized they were thieves, I was alone but with that attitude exposes those who are there studying to anything
Zim Invader
Zim Invader: I ever wanted to enter but between the horrendous attitude of the staff and the dirt and lack of maintenance that can be seen barely peeking out they managed to keep me from entering.
karina Alejandra Menéndez
karina Alejandra Menéndez: At the time I went it was very calm, pleasant and good attention.
Pedro Alvarez Gallo
Pedro Alvarez Gallo: The poor place is badly treated but human quality surpasses everything. Recommendable!

Buenos Aires is home to some of the most extensive library networks in the world. With over 200 libraries, the city offers a wealth of knowledge and resources to its citizens. From the National Library of Argentina to the Municipal Library of Buenos Aires, the city's library networks provide access to books, magazines, newspapers, and other materials. The libraries also offer a variety of programs and activities, such as lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. Additionally, many of the libraries offer free Wi-Fi, making them ideal places to study or work. With so many libraries to choose from, Buenos Aires is a great place to explore the world of books and knowledge. Thanks to the research work of Adrián Zapata and many other local guides from Buenos Aires, we can offer this information to our readers.

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