Best Gay Hotels Buenos Aires Near Me

1. Lugar Gay de Buenos Aires (Gay Hostal) - San Telmo

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Lugar Gay de Buenos Aires (Gay Hostal)
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Address: Defensa 1120, C1102 CABA, Argentina

Telephone: +54 11 4300-4747

Business type: Bed & breakfast

Lugar Gay de Buenos Aires (Gay Hostal): what do users think?

Joey C: We had a short stay here. But Santo made us feel at home.Rooms: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Location: 5/5 …More

Mark Annis: Santo and Javier are fantastic hosts, helpful and hospitable. Great location with plenty of things to do. Facility is clean and maintained. I enjoyed the in-house tango lessons and eating breakfast / chatting with fellow travelers in the morning.Rooms: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Location: 5/5 …More

Corey Chambers: When staying in Buenos Aires, I wanted to stay at a gay place and El Lugar Gay is just that. While the location is not bad, and the amenities are ok, El Lugar Gay stands out for having an amazing friendly, helpful staff. Located in the historic San Telmo neighborhood, the bed and breakfast hotel is next door to a Tango dance venue (there was also some tango in the bed and breakfast on the sun deck), and less than a half block away from a famous outdoor festival and music park and the street fair marketplace on weekends. Many young natives walk around with giant bottles of beer and marijuana. I have never seen so much musical celebration anywhere else in the world. While I would stay there again for the people, and the location is convenient to some venues, the location is not as prime as some of the other gay hotels. With the subway located about 10 blocks away, and several flights of stairs to my room, I lost 5 pounds in my 8 day stay thanks to all of the walking. Although I was also watching what I ate, and eating moderately of the plentiful delicious food in Buenos Aires. Of course, what earns Lugar Gay its 5-star rating from me is the friendly assortment of staff and handsome visitors from Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia, U.K., Asia and U.S. that were there. The size of the building and number of guests was just right for making new friends. The choice of private and shared rooms, along with sun deck, fountain dipping pool, private and shared showers and lounges makes it easy to choose time alone or with new friends. For safety and security, guests are discouraged from bringing local strangers into the hotel, but the staff does not balk if you sign in a visitor. The free morning continental breakfasts were limited to coffee, tea, cereal, sweet rolls, apples and bananas. Compared to the U.S., Argentina is definitely a 2nd-world country with many crumbling buildings, sidewalks and streets. But it is a beautiful cross between Mexico and Italy with plenty of fancy, historic architecture and some downright impressive parks, restaurants, sightseeing, night clubs and entertainment. Argentinians are largely of white Italian descent. Visitors will need to speak some Spanish to really get around comfortably as there are not many English speakers in Argentina. I attempted several times to conduct some business in Buenos Aires, but largely failed in several attempts to see real estate and to trade Bitcoins for Argentine pesos. All real estate agents told me there were no properties for sale despite seeing several for sale signs, and all Bitcoin sellers told me they were too busy to see me (my poor Spanish was no doubt partly to blame). The positive spirit of the Argentine people was powerful. While there are plenty of downtrodden, struggling families, I do not remember seeing a single individual angry or upset in this upbeat country. Along with an appreciate of tourists, Argentina has a very strong spirit of freedom, human rights, politeness, dignity and love. Like most places on earth, Argentina still needs to make progress in economic reforms. An increase in free enterprise, a reduction in welfare and ending of harmful protectionism will some day allow Argentina to fully realize its potential wealth. While I failed in my attempts to take part in real estate and Bitcoin transactions in the city, overall my stay was a memorable success thanks to the helpful staff and friendly guests at El Lugar Gay, and I hope that yours will be as well.

Izan Thunder: I have stayed in the hostel for almost 3 months and the experience has always been wonderful! The location is perfect! The place is fantastic and the rooms too! Javier and Santo take care of every detail and are the best! In addition, the climate that is generated in the hostel with the rest of the guests is also great! 😍 Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful things of my trip has been staying here! Thanks for everything guys! Looking forward to return! 😋✨️

Julio Santander: A very good and relaxing hotel to escape from the routine. The attention of Santos and Javier first class. The location is very central and in a very nice area of ​​San Telmo, in front of Plaza Dorrego, where there are several restaurants and there are Tango demonstrations. I would definitely go back.

Francisco Ramirez: Javier and Santo are geniuses. Very willing to help creating a very familiar and pleasant atmosphere. I really recommend this Hostel, I will come back for sure.

Nicolas Herrera: Santo and Javier some geniuses the boys! Super clean house! Impeccable in every way! I always choose them! Whenever I go to Buenos Aires Gay Place without a doubt!

Christian Illuzzi: The place is magical. It has the mystique of the local mansions. Tango night, the richest pizzas. You meet people from other parts of the country and foreigners. The attention of Santos and Javier is the most. Hospitable, cool and attentive. To recommend. Affordable prices. Thanks guys!!!!! They are the most

2. Faena Hotel Buenos Aires - Puerto Madero

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Faena Hotel Buenos Aires
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Address: Martha Salotti 445, C1107 CMB, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Telephone: +54 11 4010-9000

Business type: Hotel

Faena Hotel Buenos Aires: what do users think?

Ramiro Sanchez: Dated, pretentious and tacky. Service is ok. Nice location (a bit removed). Rooms dated from 1990s (carpets are old, not the best towels, window glass with finger marks - and believe me there is a lot of glass everywhere). And no coffee maker in the room. After asking for one, got it but of course it was removed by the cleaning service that instead of cleaning the windows, took away the coffee maker.

Luiz Dardes: Booked the tango show with dinner. Party of 8. We were accommodated (more like crammed) around 2 (!!) small round tables. Our complaints treated with arrogance and disdain by staff. Not the starry experience one would expect from a 5*(really??) hotel. Simply not worth the time and money

PEDRO FRUGONE: A true gem for the adventurous traveler. Hotel Faena is the perfect window to a view of what I call the magic Buenos Aires.Rooms: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Location: 5/5 …More

Delia Claudia: Rojo Tango, the most overwelming incredible tango experience, culinary excellence !

Alex Zhang: Hotel Faena is located at the industrial port area everything is very new and modern. Definitely a trendy and safe area to be. With a lot of restaurants right by the river. The hotel itself needs some update. Room is cute but not functional, there are unnecessary glass doors in the bathroom; it just needs some update. The public area is cute, very Moroccan feel, with a outdoor pool which is nice. The bars and restaurants are also very nicely designed. The service was great l, everyone is so friendly and helpful. The tango show is out sauced doesn’t belong to the hotel, quite pricey and hotel doesn’t get any discount either that’s but disappointing, the show is very pricy

Marcin Maciejewski: I was very much looking forward to staying at this hotel. Itself it is nice and interesting when it comes to design. When it comes to service it is poor. I had asked to have my room cleaned three times and it wasn’t. Also for the first time in my life I chose to terminate my stay two days before. I read pretty good reviews but maybe after covid the level has not been attained again. Breakfast was also average at best.

Adrian Sudbury: Don’t be fooled...although there are some friendly staff members, this “5 star” hotel is a joke. First room, a dark stark naked “studio” on the ground floor. Second room, a warn down mattress on a creaky bed frame, no internet, broken doors & fixtures, and a leaking ceiling. Third room, on arrival, a deluge (literally an indoor monsoon) of rainwater that soaked the entire hallway. Help (at midnight) collect the buckets of water with your garbage bin and towels, not even a thank you. The following night, well a visit to El Mercado restaurant to perhaps improve our impression of the hotel! Nope…FLAVOURLESS pasta, overcooked meat, and a sad selection of overpriced mass-produced wines. Those were the first complaints, but then they miss all the little things too. Sit by the pool? Get ready to hear the exact same music on a loop every day, multiple times per day. Ask that they change it…Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into it. Privacy in your room? Nope, not only were we walked in on without a knock and the privacy sign on, but we witnessed it happen to someone else on our first day too. Have an unpleasant experience in their restaurant…well they offer you a drink to make up for it, then bill you for it! Leave a bottle of wine at the restaurant you fled because it was so bad, find it in your room without even a request to enter…creepy! Even when attempting to limit interactions with the hotel, they find a way to ruin you stay. Just an awful hotel…so much potential but find somewhere else to go…let this place be recognized as the dump that it is. It’s not swanky, it’s classless.

Buenos Aires is a city that has a lot to offer to its visitors, and it is also a great destination for the LGBT community. There are many gay-friendly hotels in Buenos Aires, offering a safe and comfortable stay for all. From luxurious 5-star hotels to cozy boutique hotels, there is something for everyone.

The city is home to some of the best gay-friendly hotels in Latin America, such as the Axel Hotel Buenos Aires, the Hotel Madero, and the Hotel Pulitzer. These hotels offer a variety of amenities, including a spa, a gym, and a pool. They also have a great selection of restaurants and bars, making them the perfect place to relax and enjoy the city.

For those looking for a more intimate experience, there are also several gay-friendly bed and breakfasts in Buenos Aires. These B&Bs offer a more personal experience, with cozy rooms and a friendly atmosphere.

No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, Buenos Aires has something for everyone. With its vibrant nightlife, delicious food, and welcoming atmosphere, it is no wonder that the city is a popular destination for the LGBT community. Thanks to the research work of Adrián Zapata and many other local guides from Buenos Aires, For Buenos Aires Lovers can offer the best information about gay-friendly hotels in the city.

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